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Movietech first in Europe with new Cooke Anamorphics

Aug 3, 2016

Independent camera, lens and grip specialist Movietech has announced the arrival of Europe’s first new Cooke 35-140mm Anamorphic/i Zoom lenses.

Featuring an award-winning cam-style mechanism for smooth focus adjustments, these true, front anamorphic zooms shoot from ultra-wide angle to telephoto with a 4x zoom ratio. With a linear iris and oval bokeh throughout zoom and focus, the lenses are versatile, precise and designed for all shooting applications.

The system delivers control of flare, distortion and spherical aberration and the T3.1-22 aperture, along with 90-degree rotation of iris scale, allow colour and depth-of-field characteristics that match existing Anamorphic/i primes. The 35-140mm zooms also carry Cooke’s Anamorphic/i technology to provide cinematographers and operators with continual, detailed information covering all aspects of lens performance.

Movietech managing director John Buckley said, “We’ve been recently investing in some fantastic new equipment and these Cooke lenses are right at the sharp end of Anamorphic zoom technology. Movietech is the only rental house in Europe to have these lenses available and I’m delighted that our cinematographer colleagues are as excited about them as we are”.

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