Movietech Debuts Summicron-C Cine Lenses

July 12, 2017

Independent camera, lens and grip equipment supplier Movietech, has introduced the latest members of the new Leica Summicron-C premium prime family of lenses, in the shape of the 40mm and 15mm T2.0.

The Summicron-C range offers sharp, consistent focus with plenty of depth-of-field in a lightweight yet sturdy package, making them particularly suitable for use with digital camera systems and well-suited to any type of cinematography from fast paced aerial shoots to big screen entertainment.

As per the full range, the 40mm and 15mm T2.0s contain a 36mm image circle, capable of handling the very latest in sensor technology. The lenses also feature the classic Sonderoptic linear focus scale and ultra-smooth focussing abilities, allowing users a familiar feel.

The new lenses have been put to immediate use on a variety of commercials plus an extended outing with cinematographer Dick Pope BSC on Mike Leigh’s next feature Peterloo.

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