Koerner Camera Systems presents the 2022 Pacific Northwest Lens Summit

Apr 26, 2022

The 2022 Pacific Northwest Lens Summit will be held at Koerner Camera Systems in Portland, OR on May 13-14. The event will feature 25-30 international exhibitors. Master Lens Technicians from acclaimed optical-engineering houses such as Zeiss, Angénieux, Cooke, ZerøOptik, and Chrosziel will lead exclusive classes.

The event kicks off with a private training day for Lens Technicians on May 12. Classes will include: 

  • Zeiss: maintenance and service on Supreme Radiant Prime and Super Speeds 
  • Angénieux: Internal Optical Pallet and Iris change-out for Optimo Primes 
  • ZerøOptik: maintenance and servicing for their lenses 
  • Chrosziel: two classes on lens projection and collimation 
  • Cooke: maintenance and servicing the Cooke S4s 

“We’ll have 10-12 techs in each class, mostly from North America,” says Kari Fouts, Senior Lens Technician at Koerner Camera. “We’re also excited to welcome several international technicians, including from Italy, Poland, and Mexico.”  

Michael Koerner, owner of Koerner Camera Systems, said: “People tell me this is the largest concentration of Lens Technicians in the world. The beauty of the Lens Summit is creating a community of Lens Technicians, Manufacturers, Cinematographers, Directors, and Lens Enthusiasts where we can all get together, exchange ideas, and develop relationships. It is a very accessible event to attend—the exhibits and seminars are free, as are the food and beverages. Instructors donate their time, so the technicians attend training for free.”  

There is one special paid attraction this year—a mobile tattoo parlor. Inkbus is creating a custom set of flash tattoos with lens- and cinema- themed designs for the Lens Summit. Guests are invited to purchase tattoos on-the-spot throughout the event. 

Industry members are invited to attend the main trade show on Friday, May 13, and Saturday, May 14, from 10am–5pm. Register now for this free event at lenssummit.com. 

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