Illuminatrix To Highlight Leading Female Cinematographers

Nov 11, 2016

illuminatrix, the UK’s first collective of female cinematographers, calls for gender equality amongst cinematographers working in the UK film industry.

Despite women making up 50.1% of film students in the UK, recent reports have highlighted the sizeable gender imbalance in the film industry across the globe. Data from Directors UK shows that the field of cinematography suffers from a significant lack of female representation, more so than almost any other production discipline.  The cinematographer is one of the least diverse Head of Department role in the film industry with less than 7% of British feature films being shot by a woman.

illuminatrix is a members’ group that promotes and supports professional female cinematographers (also known as Directors of Photography) based in the UK. For industry figures looking to hire a DoP, the illuminatrix website acts as a database showcasing a huge variety of talent and providing access to those cinematographers. For the members, illuminatrix provides a support network amongst professional peers.

The lack of diversity within the film industry has been a major talking point of 2016.  To help tackle this issue, illuminatrix is raising awareness by publicising the work of its members not just on the website, but through social media platforms, events and workshops.  To coincide with its launch, illuminatrix is curating a day of events on diversity in cooperation with IMAGO, the European Federation of Cinematographers, at the Camerimage International Film Festival of Cinematography in Poland, on November 18th, 2016.

illuminatrix’s work has gained positive support from industry establishments such as the British Society of Cinematographers, BAFTA and Women in Film and Television UK.

Barry Ackroyd BSC, President of The British Society of Cinematographers (BSC), and cinematographer on films such as Jason Bourne and The Hurt Locker  said: “Making it as a cinematographer needs skill and daring and tenacity. It should never depend on your gender or race. So I welcome the initiative by the cinematographers of illuminatrix in showcasing some of the best women cinematographers. This new webpage is proof that the talent is here. Now it’s time to stop talking about equality and time to let it happen. Producers, directors, all film makers, listen up, open your eyes and play fair.”

Each member of illuminatrix has a minimum of five years’ industry experience, and the roster includes such names as Natasha Braier ADF (The Neon Demon), Suzie Lavelle ISC (Emmy nominated for Sherlock: The Abominable Bride) and Polly Morgan BSC (The A-Word)

Statistics sourced from “Cut Out of the Picture” Report, Directors UK (2005-2014)

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