Brompton Technology’s key partners embrace TrueLight at NAB2024

Apr 17, 2024

Unveiled for the first time at NAB2023, Brompton Technology’s TrueLight makes a return to this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas, NV.

Leading panel manufacturers such as ROE Visual, INFiLED, Absen, and AOTO have recognised the transformative potential of the technology for broadcast and film creatives and will be presenting their next-gen RGBW LED panels powered by TrueLight at the show.

“At NAB2023, Brompton first introduced its innovative TrueLight technology, a means to display video on LED panels using extra emitters, for example RGBW, while maintaining full per-pixel colour calibration and giving the user complete creative control,” explains Cesar Caceres, Product Lead at Brompton. “Adding additional broad-spectrum emitters in a controllable way can massively improve colour rendition in situations where the LED panels are providing illumination for the foreground, as is commonly the case in virtual production and XR applications. TrueLight is an essential next step in delivering unparalleled colour rendering, and illuminating individuals and objects with increased realism.”

The patented TrueLight technology relies on a set of complex algorithms that are so intensive they require the immense power of the Tessera G1 receiver card, the most powerful receiver card ever put into an LED panel, and winner of the Product of the Year award at last year’s NAB show.

“ROE Visual was our first partner to announce a panel powered by TrueLight, showcasing its Carbon 5 RGBW at NAB2023,” Caceres continues. “With INFiLED following in the release of their RGBW panel later last year, we are pleased to return to NAB with two additional major panel manufacturers – Absen and AOTO – who have also developed RGBW panels driven by our TrueLight technology and will be debuting them at the show.”

Focussing on broadcast and film applications, the unprecedented Carbon 5 MKII (CB5 MKII) RGBW LED panel is a first for ROE Visual, incorporating four emitters in an industry-leading model that was previously only available with three emitters. The panel utilises Brompton Technology LED processing and its Tessera G1 receiver card to provide unparalleled colour rendering for realistic subject lighting for in-camera use. This broader spectrum, which includes a white LED, gives more colour accuracy, mainly represented in subjects’ skin tones, costumes, or props that tend to have an overly saturated and red tone in a traditional virtual production volume.

“As a colour scientist, seeing advancements in colour fidelity for direct view or for environmental illumination has been my pursuit from my first day working in entertainment,” says Tucker Downs, R&D Manager at ROE Visual. “Seeing the difference that a fourth emitter can make in an LED panel will quickly make it a demand requirement for any DP or camera department working in virtual production.”

Designed for the rental market, as well as virtual production and XR applications, the new AR Series LED panels from INFiLED include INFINITE COLOURS, which is INFiLED’s latest technology offering extra emitters for an extended colour spectrum in LED display. This technology acts as a stepping stone towards a full range of high-performance extended light and colour spectrum solutions. The AR Series LED panels are equipped with cutting-edge solutions from Brompton Technology, such as TrueLight with the Tessera G1 receiver card, paving a new path for the future of AV productions.

“My history with Brompton dates back to its inception,” says Tony Van Moorleghem, Technology Director, INFiLED. “From the initial processor build to its evolutionary advancements, Brompton consistently surpassed expectations. The demand for a video panel capable of driving more than three emitters has long existed, hindered by technological limitations. However, with the introduction of the Brompton G1 card, coupled with their dynamic calibration, surpassing this barrier became a reality. This breakthrough enables TrueLight, ushering in a new era of possibilities for video illumination on Virtual Production sets. A mere video panel has transformed into a comprehensive Video/lighting solution.”

Other leading panel manufacturers Absen and AOTO will also be presenting their respective RGBW panels for the first time at NAB2024. Absen will showcase its PR3.9 RGBW-500x1000MM, while AOTO will demonstrate the  RMS Series 5.7mm pixel pitch LED solution. The availability of these new panels will give end users a plethora of creative opportunities in the broadcast and virtual production space.

“We are thrilled to see the panel manufacturers embracing TrueLight and using it to harness the potential of their next-generation RGBW LED panels,” concludes Caceres. “The immense processing power available in the G1 receiver card means TrueLight can unlock a whole new realm of possibilities within broadcast and film applications that demand uncompromising image quality and colour accuracy.”

NAB Show attendees can experience the transformative power of TrueLight at the Brompton Technology booth C2446, as well as at the partners’ stands: ROE Visual booth C4535, INFiLED booth C6935, Absen booth C3519, and AOTO booth C6130.

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