4Wall deploys Brompton Technology processing for GUM Studios

November 19, 2020

With an impressive portfolio of clients including Apple, Vogue, Amazon, and Spotify, GUM Studios offers expansive and versatile spaces. Recently, GUM turned to 4Wall Entertainment to provide lighting and video equipment for its new Virtual Production (VP) facility. The high-spec virtual environment includes ROE Visual Black Pearl 2 LED video panels, which are driven by Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 processors.

4Wall provided 333 ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2 (2.8MM) LED video panels to create a curved wall 40′ wide, 15′ tall and 20′ deep. The company also supplied 51 Full and eight Half ROE Visual Carbon CB8 (8.3MM) LED video panels for an approximately 25′ wide x 20′ deep ceiling for lighting and reflections.

The entire set-up is driven by three Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors and five XD 10G data distribution units, out of which “two SX40s along with four XD units are used for the LED wall and the rest are deployed for the ceiling,” says 4Wall’s account executive, sales, John Velez.

GUM Studio’s new virtual facility offers a perfect platform for productions to operate during the pandemic, and to continue when things regain some level of normality.

“This particular processor / tile combination has a long legacy,” says 4Wall’s account executive, video production, Wayne Romanowski. “There are so many ‘known knowns’ about both products, that troubleshooting or adapting new technology features are almost routine matters. Also, we know how the tiles will respond to the processor settings. It’s a very predictable and tried and tested workflow and is frustration free. Throughout this project, we have seen Brompton roll out many new features to the processor’s software that have implemented well and will expand upon the ease of use to let us achieve even greater and more demanding visual results.”

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