Pixomondo Studios select ROE Visual for expansion plans

Film and TV equipment-rental company William F. White International Inc. (“WFW”) and Academy Award-winning visual effects company Pixomondo (“PXO”) have joined forces to build two new LED volumes in Canada.  A new virtual production studio in Toronto opened on August 3, while the studio in Vancouver is scheduled to be completed this autumn. The new … Read more

Pomfort upgrades Livegrade Studio with remote Brompton Technology’s 3D LUT control

Known for its flagship software products, Silverstack and Livegrade, Pomfort has been simplifying digital movie production workflows for over 10 years. Most recently, the pioneering German software manufacturer has extended Livegrade Studio, its leading app for live grading and integration of digital imaging processes on-set, to export 3D LUTs (Look Up Tables) directly to Brompton … Read more

Turkey’s first virtual production studio enriches the future of production with Brompton Technology

Turkey’s very first virtual production house, MGX Studio, owned by MGX Film, is a revolutionary virtual production (VP) facility based in Istanbul. By bringing together both conventional and pioneering technologies used by cinematographers globally, MGX offers a next-generation LED stage with industry-leading Brompton Technology processing, advanced camera tracking solutions, in-camera VFX, plus a host of … Read more

iMAG delivers ultimate LED solution for virtual production partners

iMAG Displays has become one of the UK’s most trusted partners in virtual production. The level of expertise held by the iMAG team and its commitment to developing proven workflows, which includes a scalable, customisable, and mobile virtual production studio, has elicited its services being used on major projects for Treehouse Digital, Amazon, Lionsgate, Warner … Read more

AUX launches Singapore’s first XR Immersive Studio, powered by Brompton Technology

With Singapore taking top spot as a potential world-leading technology hub (according to KPMG’s 2020 list of Technology Innovation Hubs), it is no surprise that it has become a magnet for the latest innovations in tech. At the end of last year, The Lion City became home to the country’s largest extended reality (XR) stage, created … Read more

Brompton Technology provides technology for 80six’s new virtual production studios

A leading video technology company, 80six, recently opened the doors to its virtual production studios in Slough. The VP facility boasts a preconfigured curved LED stage, ideal for shooting in-camera VFX. Brompton Technology products are part of the studio’s high-end technical backbone. 80six has been building and implementing xR stages and has now directed its … Read more

Brompton Technology puts new Tessera V3.1 software in the frame with White Light’s XR SmartStage

Specialist manufacturer of LED processing, Brompton Technology, has collaborated with leading technical solutions specialist White Light (WL) to showcase the new functionality of its latest Tessera V3.1 software release. Features such as Frame Remapping and High Frame Rate+ have unlocked capabilities to improve virtual production and provide opportunities for creatives in broadcast and live events. … Read more

Brompton Technology introduces ShutterSync in new Tessera v3.2 software

Brompton Technology has announced its new Tessera v3.2 software with ShutterSync, a tool for users of Tessera SX40 and S8 LED processors. In addition, it has added the option to upload a custom 3D LUT directly to the Tessera LED processor for the very first time. Tessera v3.2 is ideal for creatives using LED on camera … Read more

Cutting Edge has announced new virtual production venture Edge Lab powered by Brompton Technology

For almost 30 years, Cutting Edge has been at the forefront of sound and picture post production technology. The company’s latest venture is the Brisbane-based Edge Lab that specialises in virtual production. The facility is a research and development hub for production industry professionals and was developed in partnership with Big Picture (part of the NEP Worldwide … Read more

Virtual production expands the possibilities for TV commercials

Quite Brilliant is one of a new wave of multi-disciplined media companies awake to the infinite creative possibilities of this method of film production. The agency has worked on a large number of short-form projects, and believes virtual production is a great choice for clients looking to deliver content such as TV commercials on fast-paced … Read more

iMAG deploys Brompton Technology for pioneering mobile virtual production facility

Technical production and LED screen hire company, iMAG, has recently pioneered a state-of-the-art mobile Virtual Production facility, offering a 360-degree workflow, from in-house drawing team and rigging, to full LED set up controlled by Brompton Technology Tessera processing. iMAG has joined forces with film production company Treehouse Digital, which works with major episodic streaming companies … Read more

Brompton Technology unleashes multiple new features with Tessera V3.1 software

  LED processor manufacturer Brompton Technology has announced the release of its new Tessera V3.1 software, providing users of Tessera SX40 and S8 LED processors with a host of features including HFR+ and Frame Remapping that deliver key benefits for creatives working in virtual production and cinematography, as well as for markets such as sports … Read more

Brompton Technology helps Pixomondo push virtual production boundaries

With its network of studios spanning the world, from the United States to Europe and Asia, Pixomondo (“PXO”) has cemented its global reputation as an industry leading VFX house. The company has worked on award-winning TV productions such as Raised By Wolves, Perry Mason, Westworld, Carnival Row, Star Trek: Discovery, and The Umbrella Academy, as … Read more

Spectre Studios uses Brompton Technology for Unreal Build: Virtual Production event

Looking back at 2020, this has been a year of many ups and downs, with companies undergoing radical transformations from facilitating physical events to adopting pioneering technologies used for remote productions, virtual set ups and generally tapping into the world of virtual production. For Spectre Studios, however, virtual production (VP) is not a new field. … Read more

DNEG and Brompton Technology partner to forge new virtual production worlds

Visual effects and animation company DNEG has been honoured with five Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects for its visionary work on Inception, Interstellar, Ex Machina, Blade Runner 2049 and First Man. In 2013, it set up a TV episodic arm to expand its offering, which has grown exponentially with the boom of streaming services … Read more

ICVFX, Australia’s first full-service LED virtual production solution, adopts Brompton Technology processing

With a history in film, TV, VFX and production, Sydney-based Spectre Studios strengthened its virtual production (VP) toolset whilst working on the Hollywood Blockbuster X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The company used real-time engines and virtual production to help visualise complicated stunt and VFX shots for the film, a technique that has been mastered by the team … Read more

4Wall deploys Brompton Technology processing for GUM Studios

With an impressive portfolio of clients including Apple, Vogue, Amazon, and Spotify, GUM Studios offers expansive and versatile spaces. Recently, GUM turned to 4Wall Entertainment to provide lighting and video equipment for its new Virtual Production (VP) facility. The high-spec virtual environment includes ROE Visual Black Pearl 2 LED video panels, which are driven by … Read more

Brompton Technology Powers Virtual Film Environments

For anyone who missed the opportunity to visit Rebellion Studios and get a look at the virtual production technology demonstration provided by MBSE, Chris Deighton, CTO of Brompton Technology, a specialist designer/manufacturer of cutting-edge LED video processing products for the live events, film and broadcast industries, gives an overview using LED screens. Getting started with … Read more