Bild Studios partners with Lux Machina to form one of Europe’s leading virtual production teams

May 26, 2021

Bild Studios has announced a strategic delivery partnership with Los Angeles-based Lux Machina, to create one of the industry’s leading US-UK virtual production teams.

The new joint venture aims to provide the film, television, and live event production industry with game changing real-time VFX production technology. 

Renowned media technologists, Bild Studios have a heritage of visual engineering and creative design for major film and live productions for some of the world’s leading filmmakers, musicians, brands and events. These include film and TV productions such as Detective Pikachu, Brave New World, Avenue 5 and Infinity; large-scale productions for MTV EMAs, Dubai World Expo, Madison Square Gardens, Cirque de Soleil and Eurovision, as well as concerts and tours for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jay Z and Red Hot Chili Peppers and shows for brands such as Nike, Samsung, Adobe, Mercedes, Cartier and many more. 

Known throughout the film and VFX industry for their seminal work on real-time virtual productions that include Disney’s The Mandalorian, League of Legends’ Worlds 2020, as well as projects for Google, Facebook, and Salesforce, Lux Machina has become the entertainment industry’s go-to for in-camera VFX workflows, pixel perfect screens control, server management, and flawless playback engineering for high-profile productions. 

Commenting on the new partnership, David Bajt, co-founder of Bild Studios, said: “We are hugely excited and honoured to announce this partnership with Lux Machina. The combination of our teams’ skills, experience and technical know-how will provide film studios and TV production houses access to the world’s very best virtual production technologies, tools and talent. Our objective is to pioneer the latest technologies and workflows in the film, TV and live events industries, giving filmmakers powerful storytelling tools using immersive in-camera VFX environments. This partnership marks a significant step forward for the future of virtual production, both in the UK, US and beyond.” 

Phil Galler, co-CEO at Lux Machina, said of the new partnership: “Having worked closely with Bild Studios many times throughout the years, we could think of no better group to partner with as we continue to deploy virtual production stages in the US, UK and across the globe.  David and Rowan have such a highly skilled team, and both LuxMC and Bild have been focused on pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.  A partnership between both companies will provide our global network of clients with access to the world’s best talent and most-cutting edge technologies and workflows.” 

“There is no question that virtual production has cemented its place as a tool for storytelling, and this partnership provides producers and visionaries with the support of two of the foremost experts in in-camera visual effects.” 

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