Anton/Bauer launches sodium-based mobile power source Salt-E Dog

May 30, 2023

Anton/Bauer has announced the launch of Salt-E Dog, a sodium-based 9kWh mobile power source designed specifically for motion picture and television production. The “industry-first” power source delivers “consistent and reliable” energy and addresses the pressing issue of carbon emissions associated with traditional fossil fuel or lithium generators.

The Salt-E Dog caters to location shoots and productions that demand emission-free and noiseless power. By utilising sodium-based power, the battery creates a healthier and more pleasant environment for both production crews and talent. Unlike gas generators, the Salt-E Dog produces no harmful CO2 or NOx emissions, resulting in cleaner air and a safer production experience. Its near-silent operation and compact design allow for placement closer to where a production needs power, eliminating lengthy and hazardous cables and reducing time-consuming ADR work. The Salt-E Dog offsets greenhouse gas emissions, allowing productions to offset 2.6 kg of CO2 and associated NOx per litre of fuel saved, contributing to a greener future.

“Until now, productions have relied on gas generators, designed for heavy industries with less sensitive equipment. Or, lithium-based power supplies,” said Andrew Hutton, product manager – Anton/Bauer. “We are using a more sustainable and readily available option: sodium. Compared to lithium, sodium cells offer a safer, more efficient, and longer-lasting power solution. This makes Salt-E Dog the smart and sustainable choice for powering cine equipment.”

Not only is the sodium cell 100% recyclable, but it also has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) rating compared to lithium-ion batteries. Using sodium cells, rather than lithium, productions can safely place the unit near lighting, catering, craft and even on-screen talent without the risk of thermal runaway or fire.

The Salt-E Dog offers a range of power output options. AC power is provided through four 20A 120V outlets or a 50A 125V Stage Pin connector. DC power comes through four 16A 28V XLR3, four 16A 48V, as well as two 5~20V, 100W USB-C ports. With these power capabilities, the Salt-E Dog can provide up to 6000W of pure sine wave power, allowing for extended off-the-grid usage to run production equipment for hours. Users can recharge the unit from AC outlets, solar PV, and CCS Level 2 (J1772) electric vehicle charge points.

“The motion picture and television industry plays a crucial role in inspiring audiences and driving change,” said Nicola Dal Toso, divisional CEO – Videndum Production Solutions. “We are excited to be at the forefront of industry sustainability efforts by producing a cleaner, more environmentally safe alternative to traditional power sources. The Salt-E Dog is the first of a new breed of sustainable Anton/Bauer products that will provide consistent, reliable power with no noise or pollution, helping productions meet sustainability goals without compromising quality.”

The Salt-E Dog offers features including:

  • 9kWh sodium battery
  • 7-inch colour touchscreen display
  • IP55 weatherproof rating
  • Multiple AC and DC outputs for including XLR3, USB and Stage Pin
  • AC grid power, PowerCon True1, solar PV, and CCS Level 2 (J1772) electric vehicle charger inputs

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