The VFX & Post Talent Agency is launching a consultancy service

Feb 28, 2023

The Agency is now offering a VFX and post-production consultancy service across film and HETV.

Several of our highly experienced and talented clients are available to take on consultancy work utilising their skills to provide industry best practice and guidance.

They can assist in script development providing realistic and considered breakdown, budget and schedules, or be brought in to troubleshoot production issues.  No matter what the requirement we will try and connect you with the best available Consultant.

These are our amazing VFX & Post Consultants:

Karen Payne – Post-Production Consultant

With the ever-evolving demands in post-production Karen is well placed to advise and support productions by providing industry best practices and realistic post budgets and schedules.  Working with US networks and UK production companies Karen is well versed in the technical requirements and challenges, often pre-empting pitfalls before they occur.  Well-connected and respected by her peers, Karen can build phenomenal teams for productions and advise on the best vendors to fulfil the requirements.

Jakub Chilczuk – VFX Consultant / VFX Producer

Industrious, collaborative, pragmatic, and highly experienced – Jakub is a brilliant and talented VFX Producer. Earning his stripes on VFX heavy HETV series, Jakub has wrangled thousands of complex VFX shots, working with global vendors, whilst managing every aspect of VFX production.  Starting his career in post production, Jakub is hugely technical and has great insight for pipeline and infrastructure.

Sarah Tulloch – VFX Consultant / VFX Producer

Experienced, technical, calm, intuitive, resourceful and brilliant – Sarah is a phenomenal VFX Producer.  Working across an array of films and HETV Sarah has gained invaluable knowledge and connections, which makes her brilliantly placed to provide realistic breakdowns, budgets and methodical scenarios.  Hoping to step back from the front line of VFX Sarah is keen to establish herself as a versatile and collaborative VFX Consultant.

Sean Farrow – VFX Consultant

Technical, creative, and hugely passionate about producing stunning imagery Sean is brilliantly placed to offer

VFX consultancy services.  Having worked on a wide range of film and HETV with varying budgets and scale, Sean knows how to maximise every penny.  Starting his career as a 2D Artist he has the technical know-how and having worked in the role of ‘VFX Supervising Producer’ on several productions he knows how to run and manage the VFX budget.

Alex Belgeonne – VFX Consultant

While Alex is an emerging VFX Producer she has risen the ranks working with some of the best VFX talent around.  Working in both film and episodic TV she has navigated every aspect of VFX production from script breakdown to final delivery.  Alex is well placed to take on VFX consultancy work on smaller films and HETV.

Collaborative, articulate, whip smart and well-connected Alex will go the extra mile to deliver brilliant results.

Jorge Canada Escorihuela – VFX Consultant / VFX Supervisor

Articulate, perspective, versatile, personable, technical, and creatively brilliant; these are some of the attributes that make Jorge a phenomenal VFX Consultant. Jorge has a wealth of diverse and interesting experience and a creative flare that is unique and genuine.  A keen collaborator Jorge is brilliant at finding solutions to complex situations leaving his ego at the door so he can roll up his sleeves to get stuck in.

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