Tommy Maddox-Upshaw ASC / Snowfall

TRAIL OF DESTRUCTION Helping highlight the crack epidemic’s impact on ‘80s LA through the lensing of FX hit drama Snowfall was important to cinematographer Tommy Maddox-Upshaw ASC. Filming the series at a pivotal point of re-examination over how to diversify Hollywood storytelling added another level of significance to the crew’s work. Transporting audiences to the … Read more

Take a sneak peek inside the May 2021 issue of British Cinematographer

The May 2021 issue of British Cinematographer is now here! You can find out more about just some of the incredible interviews and exclusive articles you can expect to find inside this not-to-be-missed edition now by reading on… POLLY MORGAN BSC ASC ON A QUIET PLACE PART II In our latest cover story special, we catch up with cinematographer Polly … Read more

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