Cinelab London Appoints Joce Capper as Creative Director

Cinelab London have announced the full-time appointment of Joce Capper in the key position of Creative Director/Strategic Business Development. Cinelab London is Europe’s most comprehensive film laboratory and facility providing the widest range of film and digital services. Joce has over 25 years of experience managing and growing Post Production and VFX companies most notably … Read more

Cinelab London Installs DFT 4K HDR Scanity

Celebrating its fifth anniversary in June 2018, Cinelab London has established itself as a leading international film facility, having worked on major studio and independent feature films, commercials and music videos. Now, the company has completed the installation of a new DFT (Digital Film Technology) Scanity 4K HDR scanner, alongside a 300TB Pixit Media Pixstor SAN, which creates … Read more

Cinelab Receives £2.25M Investment

Cinelab London has received a growth capital investment of £2.25m from the Foresight Group, to enable further expansion of its services and capacity. Led by industry veterans Adrian Bull and John Mahtani, the business was established four years ago after the acquisition of Bucks Media Services by Cinelabs International. Cinelab London provides film processing, scanning, … Read more

Film revival gets epic boost with new 65mm facilities in the UK

The revival of real film has received an additional boost with the news that large format Kodak 65mm film processing facilities have opened in the UK. Twentieth Century Fox’s Murder On The Orient Express, directed by Kenneth Branagh, and shot by cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos BSC, will be one of the first productions to use the … Read more

Cinelab London

Affordable Film Post It Notes / Cinelab London Affordable Film Post It Notes / Cinelab London Adrian Bull, founder and MD of Cinelab London, reveals how shooting on celluloid can easily stack-up favourably versus digital on a producer’s spreadsheet. When we established Cinelab London back in June 2013, it certainly wasn’t with the expectation that we would reverse the … Read more

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