Sustainable Film launches survey to support industry’s supply chain

Sep 29, 2023

Sustainable Film is launching a survey to engage with the film and TV supply chain and find out their needs to become green. The survey seeks to discover how the industry can best support suppliers as they strive for sustainability.  

It is estimated that the majority of a film’s carbon footprint (over 70%) is attributed to the emissions of the supply chain that support the industry. As part of their net zero strategies studios are examining the entire value chain and demanding action. 

Sustainable Film understands that suppliers have limited time, limited budgets and may need support to address their environmental footprint.  

That’s why Sustainable Film is looking for feedback from those within the industry. Through this survey, they hope to get a better understanding of what is stopping suppliers from understanding their impact, what are the barriers preventing them from looking at their footprint and trying to reduce it, what types of practices do they see every day, and what type of issues are they facing? 

“We want to engage with suppliers,” said Sustainable Film Director Amelia Price, “to find out how we can best support them. Our survey will ask questions such as: What challenges have you faced in trying to make your services more sustainable? Do you think there should be more incentives put in place to encourage sustainability in the film industry? Do you think there needs to be more support for suppliers to reduce their impact and develop sustainable ways of working? Let’s get this conversation going!”  

The insights from this survey will be shared with industry bodies and studios to raise awareness about the needs of suppliers on their environmental journey. 

The survey is open to anyone who works in the film and TV industry and will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. 

Co Founder Jimmy Keeping adds “We want to give our valued supply chain a voice. We need to understand from the supplier’s perspective on environmentally friendly practices and the obstacles they may encounter as a small business. Furthermore, we’d love to learn more about their experiences and understanding of the commercial opportunities that sustainable businesses can enjoy. Their insights will be shared with industry bodies and studios, increasing awareness and contributing to our new Green Supplier Network” 

The survey is open now and will close on 31st October 2023. The results will be shared on 5th-6th December at the Focus Meeting Place in Islington, London where Sustainable Film will be exhibiting. 

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