Simmod Lens ships new range of PL Cine Pro lens adapters

Mar 14, 2023

Conversion specialists Simmod Lens have released a new range of PL Cine Pro lens adapters in popular mirrorless mounts.

These were made by Simmod to satisfy customer demands for an affordable yet robust mount solution that can be easily shimmed for accurate focus.

The Simmod lens Cine Pro PL adapters have been built to the highest standards for professional use and are beautifully engineered out of aluminum alloy with a brass mount. They are available for E-mount, L-mount, RF mount, M4/3 mount and FX mount cameras and come attractively anodised in matte black. The PL lock ring has large tabs and a smooth dampened locking mechanism to make lens changes simple and secure. An Arca-type tripod foot with 1/4” 20 hole mounting is included on each adapter for use with heavier lenses. Felt material flocks the inside and bolsters optical quality by minimizing internal light reflections

Unlike most other adapters, the Simmod Lens Cine Pro PL adapters can be shimmed from the rear (body end) instead of via the front. This makes it much easier for users to access and adjust in a short time with simple tools. Each adapter comes with a pair of precision brass shims included – something that others charge for. Additional brass shims can be purchased via the company’s website in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0 mm thicknesses.

Why shims?

In the simplest terms, shims are thin rings of material used to adjust mount depth to ensure perfect infinity focus and enhance the accuracy of focus marks. When these are added they essentially position the lens slightly further forward and so shift where the focus lies. This back focus adjustment with shims is essential to compensate for errors caused by different tolerances between lens, adapter, and camera body. In the cinema world major rental houses will check every camera and lens combination used on a shoot for focus and then shim where necessary.

This is not to say that a particular lens or body is poorly made or totally inaccurate. Instead they are manufactured to fit a specific range of measurements, or other physical traits, that enable the product to function properly. Variances occur all the time and a lens set at one end of its tolerance range paired with a camera mount at the other end of its tolerance range can easily result in focus not being as accurate as expected. Shimming allows the user to precisely fine tune that tolerance for best results.
Simmod Lens Cine Pro PL mount adapters ensure there is synergy between camera, lens and mount adapter – allowing precise infinity focus. The company believes that all users should be able to access these adjustments without having to pay premium prices.

Locking dust cover included

Because the camera’s original body cap cannot attach to the lens adapter a rigid-and-removable locking dust cover is provided that allows you to disconnect your lens, leave the adapter mounted, and keep your camera’s sensor protected during transportation.

Available now

Initially the Simmod Lens Cine Pro PL to E-mount, L-mount, RF mount, M4/3 mount and FX mount adapters are being offered at an introductory price of just $189 US each exclusively through the Simmod Lens website and are available to order immediately.

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