ROE Visual announces new staff and opening of a UK-based office

Sep 23, 2022

ROE Visual announces the establishment of ROE Visual UK and the appointment of Nick Shaw as business development director for the UK.

ROE Visual aims to strengthen its marketing position with this move to open a base for operations at Production Park and hire new staff. The subsidiary ROE Visual UK sales office will offer direct support and service in the local market, in order to enhance and grow ROE Visual’s sales opportunities in the UK.

The adverse effects of Brexit and steady growth of sales in the UK make the existence of an independent office for this region both desirable and feasible.

Where ROE Visual Europe currently handles all sales activities in the UK, the transition from ROE Visual EU towards a fully independent UK office will be phased gradually.

Having established offices in China, Europe, the United States, and Japan, ROE Visual has deliberately chosen to launch its UK office and demo space at the live production hub Production Park. This choice marks ROE Visual’s leading position in the live event industry and its existing relationship with both industry-integrated higher education institution Backstage Academy, the XPLOR centre, the world’s first research and innovation centre for entertainment technology and production, as well as other prominent Production Park tenants, such as 4Wall and TAIT.

Production Park’s co-founder and CEO, Lee Brooks, comments: “We are delighted to welcome ROE Visual to our existing line-up of remarkable tenants. ROE Visual’s decision is not only a positive inward investment in Yorkshire but also serves as proof of the drawing power of Production Park. We look forward to building on our existing partnership with the ROE Visual team.”

Nick Shaw, appointed as Business Development Director for the UK, brings nearly 20 years of experience from both the system integrators and manufacturers’ side of the audiovisual space and is well-suited to serve and understand ROE Visual’s client base from both perspectives. Nick operated in the broader EMEA marketplace in his previous roles within Samsung, NEC, and Nanolumens. He is familiar with product-to-market implementation processes and has performed in vertical markets, ranging from corporate to retail, broadcast, and DOOH.

Based on his extensive experience in these markets and equipped with both a methodological work ethos and a positive and enthusiastic approach, Nick is always keen to succeed. “I thrive in teams that share the same motivation and work together to achieve their goals,” says Nick. “Recognising ROE Visual as a high-quality brand that stands out with its quality products and loyal customer base, I’m thrilled to start this journey.”

By extending its reach globally, ROE Visual is better positioned to provide support for companies that operate internationally and have business divisions in the UK. ROE Visual UK operates under direct supervision from ROE Visual’s Head Quarters, with a close alliance with ROE Visual EU; the mutual aim is to optimise client support and make the UK office successful.

“Strengthening our position in such an important market as the UK marks the growth of ROE Visual as a global company. It’s a fantastic milestone for the global teams. By opening our UK office, we live up to our philosophy to be close to our clients, continuing our high levels of service and support and securing these for the future,” states Grace Kuo.

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