New Disguise VX 3 Media Server is now shipping

Mar 8, 2024

Disguise announces the public launch of its brand new VX 3 video playback hardware solution within its flagship VX range. First revealed at ISE earlier this year, the VX 3 features three 4K video outputs suitable for both projection and LED displays and the capability to handle both pre-rendered and real-time video playback from any third party render engine, making it the most flexible, versatile and scalable VX machine for the next generation of live productions.

With live events currently undergoing an “IMAX-ification” effect through larger canvases, more pixels, higher content fidelity and greater bit depth, the VX 3 was built to unlock unmatched power per output for mid to upper tier live shows, corporate presentations and immersive experiences, striking the perfect balance between performance and accessibility.

The Benefits of VX 3 include:

  • Support for both pre-rendered and real-time content and the ability to scale the video output capability without adding significant rack unit density as a result.
  • Built in the same new and improved, ruggedised chassis as the VX 4+, VX 2+ and GX 3, with auto-failover redundancy as standard.
  • It can run in the same network with other VX or GX machines. It also supports cluster rendering when used alongside multiple RX render nodes with RenderStream.
  • It can composite a 4K 60p camera for XR with a back plate, front plate, and set extension, making it suitable for XR and mid-sized VP studios.
  • Harnesses all the latest features and benefits of the Disguise Designer software, the most advanced live visual experience platform in the world.
  • 24/7/365 best-in-class support from a highly-experienced team who has been delivering the best live events in the world for more than 20 years, as well as local service centres and server loan programs to ensure any project will run without a hitch.

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