Motion Impossible launches AGITO Academy

Jul 29, 2021

Motion Impossible’s ground-breaking AGITO remote control modular dolly is rapidly growing in notoriety around the globe — and jumping on a wide range of jobs, from commercials and broadcast of live events to feature films.

As a result of the growing interest to operate the AGITO, Motion Impossible is proud to announce the launch of the AGITO Academy. This dedicated training will be offered to operators globally.  

Designed for operators of all abilities, AGITO Academy offers a dedicated training program to gain hands-on experience with this remote and modular dolly system that is revolutionising the world during live events and on sets. The AGITO features multiple configurations, allowing smooth motion from slow, precise dolly movement to high-speed tracked operation, all within one highly portable solution. 

The training will allow operators to unlock all the possibilities the AGITO can offer — from an in-depth look into its setup, operational configuration and different mounts, to its modularity, from the simple and fast changing of its drive ends to its configuration for free roaming operation in Sports mode, or precision movement on rails in Trax mode.  

AGITO academy offers two levels of training: Standard and Advanced. The ‘Standard Operator Mode’ offers training for the normal operating state for the AGITO, with the system running at a maximum of 1400rpm (Monster Wheels: 14.7mph/23.6kph) or 800rpm with Tower its attached. After demonstrating comprehensive understanding and driving aptitude of the AGITO in Sports configuration, the Advanced Operator Mode training provides attendees a unique operator Pin code that unlocks the firmware to 2500rpm (26.4mph / 42.4kph).

“We are thrilled to be announcing the AGITO Academy and with it to be expanding the community of AGITO operators who are excited about new ways of capturing shots and of unleashing their creativity,” commented Rob Drewett, Motion Impossible CEO and co-founder. 

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