Motion Impossible debuts at CABSAT 2024

May 16, 2024

Motion Impossible, renowned for its production-proven robotic camera dollies and stabilisation solutions, makes its debut at CABSAT 2024, bringing innovation to the MEASA (Middle East, Africa, and South Asia) market through the introduction of three cutting-edge technologies.

AGITO Gen 2: Redefining Performance  

Leading the charge is AGITO Gen 2, the latest iteration of the company’s flagship AGITO dolly. With enhanced features like noise-reducing silent steering actuators and increased payload support of up to 100kg, it’s versatile for a wide range of camera setups. Offering Ethernet control for remote operation and centralized management, along with an IP54 weather resistance rating for outdoor use, AGITO Gen 2 establishes a new benchmark for dependable camera movement.  

Complementing AGITO Gen 2 is the updated Master Controller. Featuring a sleeker interface with an expanded display, it integrates a dedicated rocker for the management of the AGITO Tower or AGITO Column, assignable button functions, and haptic feedback for responsiveness.  

AGITO MagTrax: Combining Fluidity & Precision 

Additionally, the company will demonstrate AGITO MagTrax, a magnetic tracking system designed to elevate controlled camera movements. By utilizing magnetic strips discreetly placed beneath carpets or within sets, MagTrax facilitates precise and secure movement along both straight and curved paths, transitioning between strips for uninterrupted motion. Equipped with front and rear safety bumpers for collision detection and automatic emergency stops, MagTrax prioritises the safety of both equipment and crew, offering reassurance with every shot.

AGITO Column: Elevating Perspectives  

Rounding out Motion Impossible’s showcase is the AGITO Column, which introduces over and underslung jib movement to AGITO’s repertoire. With an impressive 60cm stroke, the Column offers adjustable camera heights up to eye level, accommodating payloads of up to 45kg. Additionally, vertical speeds of up to 160mm per second guarantee smooth and precise shots. 

Driving Innovation and Excellence  

This premiere at CABSAT 2024 marks a significant milestone for Motion Impossible, underscoring its dedication to advancing camera technology and empowering filmmakers globally. By showcasing its latest innovations, the company aims to inspire industry professionals and cultivate meaningful partnerships in the MEASA region and beyond, driving innovation and excellence in the world of media and entertainment. 

Reflecting on the company’s debut at CABSAT 2024, Rob Drewett, CEO & Co-Founder said, “This show represents an exciting opportunity for us to introduce our technology to the MEASA market. Yet, it’s more than just showcasing equipment; it’s about sparking change, forming new connections, and redefining the narrative of visual storytelling in this dynamic landscape.”

Join Motion Impossible at CABSAT on booth AR-I10 and experience the future of camera movement firsthand. 

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