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J.J. Abrams to Receive Cinema Audio Society Filmmaker Award

Jan 26, 2024

Visionary filmmaker J.J. Abrams will receive the Cinema Audio Society’s Filmmaker of the Year honour at the 60th CAS Awards on Saturday, 2 March 2024 at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“It is our honour to bestow the 2024 CAS Filmmaker Award to esteemed multi-hyphenate, J.J. Abrams,” said CAS President Peter Kurland. “Recognised for his exceptional contributions to the media landscape, Abrams’ innovative storytelling from television to feature films captivates audiences worldwide. His mastery of music and sound, coupled with a keen understanding of the human experience, makes him a truly deserving recipient. We honour Abrams for his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of filmmaking and his ability to create immersive and resonant cinematic experiences.”

“I am honoured beyond words to be receiving this year’s Filmmaker Award from the Cinema Audio Society,” said Abrams of the recognition. “This is a group of artists and technicians I admire enormously, feel indebted to, and look forward to celebrating at this year‘s awards.”

Abrams stands as an accomplished American force in the film and television realms, donning hats as a producer, screenwriter, director, actor and composer.

Celebrated for his prowess in science fiction and action genres, Abrams played pivotal roles (writer, director and/or producer) in an array of acclaimed television series, including Felicity, Alias, Lost, Castle Rock, Westworld, Lovecraft Country, and the upcoming series Duster for MAX and Presumed Innocent for Apple TV+. His cinematic footprint extends to iconic film franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, Cloverfield and the upcoming film Flowervale Street for Warner Brothers Studios. Abrams drives his creative legacy forward through Bad Robot, a production company he is co-CEO of with his wife, Katie McGrath.

“There are no doubt aspects of the filmmaking process as important as that of sound, but there is nothing more important,” continued Abrams. “I have been incredibly lucky to collaborate with some of the best production and post production sound teams in the business, and I’m grateful every day — as filmmaker and moviegoer — for their remarkable artistry and skill.”

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