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Cinema Audio Society announces new board for 2023

Mar 16, 2023

The Cinema Audio Society announces their newly elected CAS Board of Directors. Taking the helm as CAS President is Peter Kurland CAS. Re-elected to their executive positions were Vice President Steve Venezia CAS, Secretary Frank Morrone CAS, and Treasurer Lee Orloff CAS.

This year’s CAS Board of Directors are: Lindsey Alvarez CAS, David Bondelevitch CAS MPSE, Willie D. Burton CAS, Devendra Cleary CAS, Marc Fishman CAS, Tom Fleischman CAS, Sara Glaser CAS, Melissa S. Hofmann CAS, Doc Kane CAS, Sherry Klein CAS, Richard Lightstone CAS, Christian P. Minkler CAS, Phillip W. Palmer CAS, Stephen A. Tibbo CAS, and Mark Ulano CAS.

Kurland, speaking at the 59th CAS Awards on March 4 in Los Angeles, said, “I look forward to working with our incredible Cinema Audio Society board to serve the sound mixing community and our membership of more than 1,000 sound professionals over the coming year. The society’s goals of recognising, educating and progressing the art and science of sound were emphasised for me by a mixer from Colombia on Saturday. He told me he comes in for the show every year because it gives him a chance to meet his peers and heroes. It recharges his enthusiasm and inspires him for the year to come. It is an honour to lead our society. Our art form deserves elevation within our community of the world’s best filmmakers… and I am dedicated to that goal.”

Outgoing CAS President Karol Urban said, “There is magic in this organisation created by sound mixers for sound mixers. Together, we thrive through volunteerism, honouring our legends and ensuring a legacy for the future of our craft.”

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