FoSho STUDIOS launch Scotland’s first accessible VP studio

Aug 9, 2023

Pioneering a fresh approach to virtual production, FoSho STUDIOS is set to develop Scotland’s first accessible Virtual Production Studio (VPS) in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre. Supported by the UK Research and Innovation award, this will provide access to cutting-edge virtual production technology at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual production has revolutionised filmmaking, fueling creativity and reducing the environmental impacts of location filming. However, the high costs and space requirements have made this advancement inaccessible for many independent filmmakers, SMEs, and everyday creatives. Pioneering a fresh approach to virtual production in Scotland, FoSho STUDIOS introduces their ‘Mini Virtual Production Studio’ (MVPS), making smaller scale virtual production possible from their studio based in the City of Glasgow G1.

FoSho STUDIOS is a young Scottish company on a mission to make cutting-edge content production more accessible across Scotland’s Central Belt. Their MVPS is scheduled for launch early 2024 and will provide access to a new tool to create immersive, customisable environments for a range of digital content. This is a Scotland-first and aims to make virtual production technology accessible at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

Funded by the Innovate UK Creative Catalyst Programme, FoSho STUDIOS is set to mark a significant milestone in Scotland’s creative landscape.

Fynn Elkington, Managing Director, FoSho STUDIOS said: “Glasgow is one of the most creative and connected cities in the world, and when artists, marketers and filmmakers want to create using cutting edge technology like virtual environments – they should be able to do it without breaking the bank. FoSho has always been committed to making content creation easier and more accessible and this is a huge step in us being able to make high-end content more affordable and sustainable.”

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