Cinema South Studios & Monolith Studios announce launch of a full-service VP stage

Oct 12, 2022

Cinema South Studios and Monolith Studios announced the launch of CS145, a full-service LED virtual production facility located in Fayetteville, GA.

CS145 is a production-oriented LED volume custom-rigged for projects such as car process shots and includes almost 400 LED tiles with over 11 Million combined pixels.  Productions of all sizes, from feature films and television shows to corporate projects, live events, and music videos, will be able to produce top-quality, cost-effective, and time-efficient projects with strong advantages over traditional practical production and green screen.  

Todd Patience, the Entertainment Business Executive for Monolith Studios in the Atlanta region, stated, “Our new LED virtual production stage is a powerful tool to free the imaginations of modern storytellers in film, television, live events, and corporate/agency projects. Virtual production is changing the way content is produced – creatives can have things like a 5-hour Golden Hour, freezing the perfect natural-looking light through dozens of takes. 

“They can shoot three photorealistic scenes in Paris, Peachtree Street, and the moon in a single day – all without leaving our Cinema South stage.  Productions can save time and money by dramatically reducing travel costs and other traditional expenses.  The creative team can see scenes with final visual effects on our LED walls through-the-lens instead of standard green screen shooting, waiting for costly and time-consuming post-production VFX. We are providing modern, cost-effective, and time-saving LED stage solution that Monolith Studios proved out on Hollywood movies at a scale and cost that small- and medium-sized productions can afford.”  

Speaking about the premier quality of the stage, Patience mentioned, “Our ROE Black Pearl 2 version 2 LED panels are truly cinema-grade – Monolith uses them for our work in productions every day for companies such as Marvel and Netflix.  These are truly blockbuster-quality products and services that are usually attainable by only the largest Hollywood studios – now made available to the customers of Cinema South.” 

Features of the New CS145 Facility Include: 

  • Seasoned team of industry-leading system architects, engineers, and technicians at Monolith Studios with a strong track record of successful film and television projects 
  • 50’ wide x 50’ long and 18’ high stage.  Overall studio is 98’ wide x 100’ deep. 
  • Disguise Media Servers 
  • Almost 400 LED panels from ROE Visual  
  • Brompton media processing 
  • Fully-customized Showrig XYZ rigging architecture optimized for the Cinema South physical space and adaptability for multiple sizes of vehicles and subjects. 
  • 4,500 sq. ft. of Production office space  
  • 4,000 sq. ft. for catering, with kitchen  
  • Over thirty (30) parking spaces with additional spaces available  
  • Large base-camp can be set up just 1 ½ miles away 
  • Two drive-in ground-level dock doors 
  • VIP lounge areas 

Tammy Williams, owner & CEO of Cinema South Studios, stated: “One of the goals of Cinema South Studios LED Virtual Production Studios, through CS145, is to empower and advance productions by having the latest technology. We are excited about this partnership and the opportunities it presents to filmmaking.”  

Gary Guidry, owner and chief consultant for Cinema South Studios added: “It is always great to be on the forefront of cutting-edge technology that allows production to be more efficient with their creativity and budgets. This partnership opportunity is part of our foundational building blocks as we continue the expansion of Cinema South Studios.” 

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