EnergaCAMERIMAGE reveals TV Series Competition line-up

Oct 26, 2023

EnergaCAMERIMAGE announce the line-up of the TV Series Competition of the 31st edition of EnergaCAMERIMAGE International Film Festival.


Cr. Katalin Vermes/Netflix © 2023

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, All the Light We Cannot See is a groundbreaking limited series that follows the story of Marie-Laure, a blind French girl and her father, Daniel LeBlanc, who flee German-occupied Paris with a legendary diamond to keep it from falling into the hands of the Nazis. Relentlessly pursued by a cruel Gestapo officer who seeks to possess the stone for his own selfish means, Marie-Laure and Daniel soon find refuge in St. Malo, where they take up residence with a reclusive uncle who transmits clandestine radio broadcasts as part of the Resistance. Yet here in this once-idyllic seaside city, Marie-Laure’s path also collides with the unlikeliest of kindred spirits: Werner, a brilliant teenager enlisted by Hitler’s regime to track down illegal broadcasts, who instead shares a secret connection to Marie-Laure as well as her faith in humanity and the possibility of hope.

Polish title: Światło, którego nie widać
 Shawn Levy
Cinematographer: Tobias Schliessler
Production: 21 Laps Entertainment
Distribution: Netflix
Country and year: USA, 2023


Bloody Heart tells the story of a fictional king, Lee Tae, who has to give up everything in order to hold on to power in his kingdom, even the woman he loves. Lee Tae believes any action is justifiable to achieve his goal. He wants to rule as an absolute monarch. Lee Tae is trying to achieve his goal, but he is met with opposition from Park Gye Won, a powerful politician who helped his father overthrow the previous king. Meanwhile, Yoo Jung is forced to become the queen in order to survive the bloody battle at the palace.

Original title: Bulg-eun dansim
Polish title: 
Krwawe serce
 Young-Eun Yoo
Cinematographer: Keeha Choi
Production: Seongmin Oh
Distribution: Disney+
Country and year: South Korea, 2022


A woman longs to be a mother, but she can’t carry a pregnancy to full term. Another woman, in desperate financial need, is able to grant the gift of life on the other’s behalf. Their hopelessness unites them. As it develops, the transaction is far from simple. The woman who dreamed of carrying her own child must let go. While her dream dies, the other woman relinquishes control over her body for nine months. That woman hasn’t yet been able to pursue her own dreams. Complications only grow from there. Synchronizing both women’s bodies is a matter of biology, but the psychological impact can’t be measured or controlled. The point at which their failures and dreams intersect ignites a spark – one capable of tearing both of their worlds apart.

Director: Shay Capon
Cinematographer: Uri Ackerman
Production: Kuma Studios
Distribution: Keshet International
Country and year: Israel, 2023


Based on the award-winning novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire.

Polish title: Fundacja: W cieniu Seldona
 Alex Graves
Cinematographer: Cathal Watters
Production: Skydance Television
Distribution: Apple TV+
Country and year: USA, 2023


The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart tells the emotionally compelling story of Alice Hart. When Alice, aged 9, tragically loses her parents in a mysterious fire, she is taken to live with her grandmother June at Thornfield flower farm, where she learns that there are secrets within secrets about her and her family’s past. Set against Australia’s breath-taking, natural landscape, and with native wildflowers and plants providing a way to express the inexpressible, this enthralling family drama spans decades. Alice’s journey as she grows from her complicated past builds to an emotional climax when she finds herself fighting for her life against a man she loves.

Polish title: Wszystkie kwiaty Alice Hart: Czarna orchidea ognista
 Glendyn Ivin
Cinematographer: Sam Chiplin
Production: Amazon MGM Studios, Made Up Stories
Distribution: Amazon Prime Video
Country and year: USA, 2023


Warsaw, May 1905. A young girl connected with independence movement is unexpectedly released from prison. It turns out that Czarny paid for her release. He is a pimp who deals in human trafficking. She is to be sent to Argentina. However, due to the girl’s beauty, it is more profitable for Czarny to put her in the most luxurious Warsaw brothel of Franciszka Szlimakowska and earn margin from her profits. On the same day, a bomb detonated by the PSP explodes near the Szlimakowska’s establishment. This is yet another explosion directed against the Russians. Szlimakowska, stunned by the girl’s beauty and refinement, takes her in to work at her brothel and names her Yvette. Yvette, having nowhere to go, seeks lodging with Szczerb, an independence activist and friend of her fiancé, Józef, who, she learns, has been exiled to Siberia. Yvette decides to earn money to find her fiancé. Meanwhile, at Szczerb’s, she meets Marcel, a PSP courier who was passing the bomb and was injured in the explosion.

Original title: Polowanie na ćmy
 Michał Rogalski
Cinematographer: Maciej Lisiecki
Production: Akson Studio, Telewizja Polska S.A.
Distribution: Telewizja Polska S.A.
Country and year: Poland, 2023


Cr: Nicole Wilder/Paramount+
©2022 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

Film and television producer Albert S. Ruddy sets out to make the 1972 film The Godfather with Francis Ford Coppola amid numerous production setbacks and run-ins with the Italian-American mob.

Polish title: The Offer: Miejsce przy stole
Director: Dexter Fletcher
Cinematographer: Salvatore Totino
Production: Paramount Television Studios
Distribution: Paramount +
Polish distribution: SkyShowtime
Country and year: USA, 2022


Jacek is a foodie, gay and Warsaw bon vivant who has his own TV show, several similarly eccentric close ones around him and self-destructive tendencies. A dramedy that makes fun of the Polish artistic elite, for whom Warsaw is “the only real Polish city”, quite cannot be compared to other shows. It is the authorial work of playwright and screenwriter Pawel Demirski. He wrote it from the beginning with the intention of presenting a hero contrasting with the burnout syndrome often felt today – a vital madman who believes the best is yet to come.

Original title: Udar
 Paweł Demirski
Cinematographer: Paweł Flis
Production: Telemark Sp. z o.o.
Distribution: Viaplay Group
Polish distribution: Viaplay Group
Country and year: Poland, 2023


When serial sleepwalker Lorna Brady wakes to find the corpse of a strange woman in her house, she has no idea if she is responsible for the apparent murder. Unable to recall last night’s events and losing her grip on reality, Lorna embarks on an investigation in which she plays both detective and prime suspect. Meanwhile, Dublin detective Colman Akande arrives in town pursuing the case of a murdered priest. Before long, Colman is digging into Lorna’s past at the town’s Magdalene Laundry. The unravelling mystery threatens to expose Ireland’s darkest, most shocking secrets.

Director: Harry Wootliff
Cinematographer: Si Bell
Production: Motive Pictures
Distribution: Paramount Global Content Distribution
Country and year: UK, 2023

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