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Breakthrough AI technology for filmmakers and creatives launched

Dec 16, 2022
Cuebric (Credit: Seyhan Lee)

Creative-led artificial intelligence production studio Seyhan Lee has launched Cuebric, bringing bleeding-edge next generation generative A.I. technology to the fingertips of filmmakers and creatives. The launch of Cuebric ushers in a new era in film production, expanding the bounds of creativity by making normally complicated and labour-intensive processes simple and accessible. Cuebric launches in collaboration with technology-focused production company XR Studios, well-known as leaders in producing immersive tech workflow solutions. Cuebric will be made available to volume stages, concept artists, and production studios in January 2023.

Like other text-to-image generative A.I. tools, Cuebric users begin by entering a text prompt describing any setting they imagine. Cuebric then generates that setting in near real-time, allowing users to make and implement changes, with each new iteration taking just seconds to generate in 4K resolution, fully segmented in 2.5D, integrated with Unreal Engine, and ready to be utilised in concepting, previsualisation or filming on a volume stage.

“The advent of creative A.I. can be likened to the invention of photography, and Cuebric ushers in the next generation of that technology,” said Seyhan Lee co-founder, Pinar Seyhan Demirdag. “This is the first time in history that a tool can generate results while humans creatively supervise. Cuebric cuts out repetitive, time-consuming, and highly expensive tasks and lets directors, production designers, and production houses realise their vision instantly.”

“As content creators ourselves, when we were first invited to XR Studios for a tour we were inspired to make a tool that brought volume stages to the next level, knowing how we ourselves would use that kind of technology,” said Seyhan Lee co-founder Gary Lee Koepke. “Cuebric will aid directors, production houses, and content creators in removing all barriers between imagination and manifestation, allowing them to see their vision being produced right in front of their eyes, at a significant cost and time reduction.”

Seyhan Lee’s Cuebric launches in collaboration with XR Studios, which will feature the tool at their XR Studios Hollywood Campus, a new state-of-the-art, multi-building facility located at the historic Eastman Kodak Building in Los Angeles. Featuring a two-studio setup for any sized production, the XR Studios Hollywood Campus will conduct demonstrations of Cuebric beginning in early 2023.

“XR Studios is always trying to look for new technologies and collaborators, and wants to empower the industry to grow and change to keep up with the never-ending evolution of new workflows. We immediately saw the amazing work from Seyhan Lee, as they bring stability and production-ready tools to the ever-changing world of generative A.I., and we wanted to see how we could help,” said XR Studios president J.T. Rooney. “At our Hollywood studio location, our CTO Scott Millar and the XR Studios technical team was able to rapidly prototype various 2.5D plates with immediate feedback, thanks to Cuebric. It intuitively allowed us to perform fine-tuning, inpainting, and depth segmentation; and we were able to seamlessly integrate these functions in our real-time workflows. Seeing all of the various parts in one place gives a clear vision to the future of creative power for the visionary artists we love to work with in our space.”

Cuebric will initially be made available to ten LED volume stages, concept artists and production houses to be announced in early 2023.

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