XR Stage selects ROE Visual for ICVFX studio

Jul 1, 2021

XR Stage opens its largest ICVFX sound stage in June. Again, XR Stage has selected ROE Visual to supply the LED volume for this stage.

The new purposed-built stage, located at Line 204 studios, a brand new 5-acre multi-stage facility in Pacoima, Los Angeles, is a custom Live-Action stage with LED Volumes to accommodate virtual production projects. The LED volume consists of 1020 Black Pearl BP2 LED panels placed at a 270-degree curve. Compared to XR stage’s other location, this new studio adds 85 feet in width and 12 feet in height, the location boasts of the most advanced LED volume on the market.

The studio is designed and engineered by a team of seasoned professionals utilizing the most cutting-edge virtual production facilities and technologies available on the market, including LED walls and ceiling, camera tracking, media servers from disguise, and Unreal Engine real-time rendering options, All of it Now and Silverdraft supercomputing.

“Virtual production aids the creative process and gives you a sandbox the entire team can play in. It is revolutionizing the film industry, offering unlimited creative possibilities “, stated Isaac Campos, CEO for XR Stage.

“ROE Visual is proud to be involved in significant projects, like the new studio from XR Stage, that enable and empower the next great generation of filmmakers,” commented Frank Montero, general manager for ROE Visual US.

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