Bill Pope ASC / The Matrix

THE MAN WHO SHOT BULLET TIME DP Bill Pope ASC has a long, varied career starting in the 1980s, and travelling through some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. But his movie career started with a pioneer of the action sci-fi genre, known for its innovative effects and high-concept narrative: The Matrix. Bill Pope ASC’s path into production was far from direct. A DP with mostly music video credits, Pope’s resume was … Read more

Pixotope announces commitment to customer success with multiple new hires

Pixotope has announced three additions to its global staff. The company’s investment in people and aim to deliver the great customer experience is reflected in Pixotope’s growth in use across the media and production sector.  Pixotope’s latest product ambassador, Juan Rubio, is joining the team as a new product specialist and evangelist. Based in the … Read more

David Heuring: “Nothing Beats The Big Screen”

NOTHING BEATS THE BIG SCREEN On 3 December, Warner Bros. announced that its 17 films scheduled for 2021, including Dune and The Matrix 4, would be released simultaneously in theatres and on the company’s streaming service, HBO Max. Jason Kilar, chief executive of WarnerMedia, cast the decision as future-savvy nod to the fans, and necessary, … Read more

Kit Fraser

Breakthrough Brit! Meet the New Wave / Kit Fraser Breakthrough Brit! Meet the New Wave / Kit Fraser Filmography (so far): Under The Shadow  (2016), Possum  (releasing in 2018), Farming  (releasing in 2018) When did you discover you wanted to be a cinematographer? I was 15 and our school had been given a grant to … Read more

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