VFX Studio Framestore lends their talent to The Matrix Resurrections

VFX Studio Framestore leant their talent to the climactic fourth instalment of The Matrix franchise. Framestore were honoured to work on The Matrix Resurrections, the much anticipated fourth instalment of The Matrix trilogy. Directed by Lana Wachowski, this long-awaited next chapter in the ground-breaking franchise reunites some of the original Matrix cast, as well as welcoming some … Read more

What does the future hold for 65mm filming and 70mm prints?

Johan C.M. Wolthuis, International 70mm Publishers, Arnhem, The Netherlands (www.70mmpublishers.nl), discusses the history and future of 65mm filming and 70mm prints. We are all looking forward with great expectations to the delayed premiere in February 2022 of Kenneth Branagh’s latest 70mm film production Death on the Nile, based on Dame Agatha Christie’s 1937 novel. If … Read more

Bill Pope ASC / The Matrix

THE MAN WHO SHOT BULLET TIME DP Bill Pope ASC has a long, varied career starting in the 1980s, and travelling through some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. But his movie career started with a pioneer of the action sci-fi genre, known for its innovative effects and high-concept narrative: The Matrix. Bill Pope ASC’s path into production was far from direct. A DP with mostly music video credits, Pope’s resume was … Read more

Emmanuel Lubezki AMC ASC / The Tree of Life

The Meaning of Life Emmanuel Lubezki AMC, ASC / The Tree of Life The Meaning of Life Emmanuel Lubezki AMC, ASC / The Tree of Life Terence Malick is a master whose unique sensibility is behind films like Badlands, Days Of Heaven and The Thin Red Line. Emmanuel Lubezki AMC ASC, the grandson of a … Read more

Paul Cameron ASC / Henry’s Crime

Crime Scenes Paul Cameron / Henry’s Crime Crime Scenes Paul Cameron / Henry’s Crime Director of photography Paul Cameron, ASC gave his latest film, the dark, romantic indie comedy Henry’s Crime, what he describes as a “folkloric beauty.” The cinematographer’s credits include Tony Scott’s Man On Fire and Déjà vu; Dominic Sena’s Swordfish and Gone … Read more

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