DP George Burt on G-LOC

DP George Burt wrote in with details about his work on the low-budget (less than £2m) sci-fi thriller G-LOC. Directed by Tom Paton, it is the story of a young man who has fled from Earth to find a new home on planet Rhea, where the early human settlers have decided they will no longer … Read more

Deakins earns top cinematography awards nominations once again

British cinematographer Roger Deakins CBE BSC ASC once again features in the nominations across the Oscar, BAFTA and ASC Awards, this year for his work on Sicario. Deakins is joined by Emmanuel Lubezki AMC ASC for The Revenant, Ed Lachman ASC for Carol, John Seale ACS ASC for Mad Max: Fury Road and Janusz Kaminski … Read more