Visual Effects Society announces special 2021 honourees

The Visual Effects Society (VES) announced the Society’s newest lifetime members and this year’s recipients of the VES Founders Award.  The names of this year’s VES Fellows, Honorary members and inductees into the VES Hall of Fame will be announced at a later date.  The honorees and Hall of Fame inductees will be celebrated at … Read more

John Keedwell GBCT “Art reflects life”

ART REFLECTS LIFE John Keedwell GBCT examines how this year’s BAFTA results mirror the wider world. “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom,” in the words of Baldrick from the Blackadder 4. The sounds of the 41-gun salute were still ringing in our ears in respect for His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on Friday. Then … Read more

Shelly Johnson ASC / Greyhound

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS Shelly Johnson ASC / Greyhound CLOSE ENCOUNTERS Shelly Johnson ASC / Greyhound BY: Ron Prince In a thrilling WWII story, inspired by actual events during the Battle Of The Atlantic, Captain Ernest Krause leads an international convoy of merchant ships across the treacherous ocean to deliver soldiers and much-needed supplies to the Allied … Read more

Inside The New Issue: 100

Take a look at what’s inside the landmark 100th edition of British Cinematographer magazine – available digitally* via our website, or in print**, from 21st July 2020 onwards. SPECIAL CONTENTS THE CHANGING FACE OF CINEMATOGRAPHY: PART 1 As part of our milestone edition, we reflect on how the world of cinematography and the live’s of … Read more

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