What does the future hold for 65mm filming and 70mm prints?

Johan C.M. Wolthuis, International 70mm Publishers, Arnhem, The Netherlands (www.70mmpublishers.nl), discusses the history and future of 65mm filming and 70mm prints. We are all looking forward with great expectations to the delayed premiere in February 2022 of Kenneth Branagh’s latest 70mm film production Death on the Nile, based on Dame Agatha Christie’s 1937 novel. If … Read more

John Keedwell GBCT “Art reflects life”

ART REFLECTS LIFE John Keedwell GBCT examines how this year’s BAFTA results mirror the wider world. “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom,” in the words of Baldrick from the Blackadder 4. The sounds of the 41-gun salute were still ringing in our ears in respect for His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on Friday. Then … Read more

Oscar-winning VFX and animation company DNEG brings new opportunities to Bangalore

Global visual effects and animation company DNEG, which was recently recognised with both Oscar and BAFTA award wins for its visual effect work on Tenet, has announced plans to expand its India footprint into Bangalore / Bengaluru. The ‘Silicon Valley’ of India, Bangalore, is a global hub and centre of excellence for technology and innovation … Read more

Winners announced for the British Film Designers Guild Awards

The winners of the British Film Designers Guild Awards have recently been announced in a virtual ceremony. This year saw 3 new awards for: Commercial, Short Film and Outstanding Contribution to the Art Department. In other categories, The Gentlemen, 1917 and Tenet were among the winners. In a light hearted and humorous virtual ceremony the … Read more

Sixth Oscar win for visual effects company DNEG with Tenet

This latest honour is the fifth Academy Award in the last seven years for visual effects leader. Acclaimed global visual effects  and animation company DNEG was recognised at the 93rd Academy Awards with the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for its work on Tenet, directed by long-term collaborator Christopher Nolan.  DNEG’s VFX team, led by overall … Read more

DNEG wins Special Visual Effects BAFTA for outstanding work on Tenet

Acclaimed visual effects and animation company DNEG has been honoured with the Special Visual Effects accolade at the 2021 EE BAFTAs for its work on Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.  DNEG’s visual effects team, led by overall VFX supervisor Andrew Jackson and DNEG VFX supervisor Andrew Lockley, collaborated closely with special effects supervisor Scott Fisher and the … Read more

Market Report: Cinema

Screen Burn For around half its life the cinema has faced a series of rivals that have threatened its existence. TV in the ‘50s, the ‘80s home video boom and, most recently, the streaming revolution. Each time it has managed to adapt or even reinvent itself to survive by offering new technologies or changing its … Read more

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