Dynamic Lighting

Lead image: Zoe Boyle and Kerry Howard lit by China lanterns and covered wagons for Witless shot by Benedict Spence DYNAMIC ILLUMINATION We are lucky enough to live in a time when lighting technology runs the gamut from the simplest tungsten globe to banks of programmable LED panels controlled by an app. Six DPs share … Read more

ASC Awards: 1917 Takes Top Prize: Fifth time triumph for Deakins

The Theatrical Award for best cinematography in a motion picture went to Roger Deakins CBE BSC ASC for 1917 at the 34th American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards. Jarin Blaschke took the Spotlight Award for The Lighthouse and Fejmi Daut and Samir Ljuma won the inaugural Documentary Award for Honeyland. In the TV categories, … Read more

Colin Watkinson

Fitter Happier Meet the new wave / Colin Watkinson Filmography (so far): Master Class (2010), Entourage Season 5 (2008), The Fall (2006), and Immortals (2nd Unit) (2010). When did you discover you wanted to be a cinematographer? Peerless Camera Company had a motion control studio which was always very busy. The first time I ever … Read more

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