Tami Reiker ASC / One Night In Miami

MEETING OF THE MINDS Director of photography Tami Reiker ASC lenses Regina King’s directorial debut One Night in Miami, the imagined story of a meeting between Malcolm X, Cassius Clay, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke. Not every film allows the crew to lose themselves so entirely in the moment that they forget they’re making a … Read more

Martin Ruhe ASC / The Midnight Sky

ON A MISSION The filmmaking maestros behind sci-fi epic The Midnight Sky shot in snowstorms, created photorealistic virtual environments, and seamlessly blended stellar visual effects with stunning cinematography to tell a tale of two disparate environments. When the opportunity arose to explore two worlds – the Arctic and space – while lensing apocalyptic space drama … Read more

Christopher Ross BSC / Cats

Sense Of Purr-pose Christopher Ross BSC / Cats Sense Of Purr-pose Christopher Ross BSC / Cats The musical fantasy Cats follows a tribe of felines, called the Jellicles, who must decide yearly which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer before coming back to a new Jellicle life. The vivid, dance-filled film is based on … Read more

Exclusive new 65mm format Prime DNA Lenses announced at Camerimage

At the Camerimage Festival of Cinematography, ARRI Rental has announced new lenses for its exclusive Prime DNA series, developed in-house for the ALEXA 65 camera system. Like the rest of the Prime DNA series, the new lenses are the result of collaborations with major cinematographers and have already been put to use on high-end productions. … Read more

DOPs provide feedback on ARRI Alexa 65 lens options

With the popularity of ARRI Rental’s exclusive Alexa 65 camera system increasing on high-end features, TV and commercial productions, the demand for richly varied lens options is strong. The line-up of four distinct 65mm lens series, first announced at Camerimage 2016, is now in use on multiple projects, with cinematographer feedback directly influencing technical developments … Read more

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