DaVinci Resolve makes the grade for Amulet

Amulet follows homeless ex-soldier Tomaz (Gods Own Country’s Alec Secaraenu), as he uncovers paranormal terrors after taking a job helping a young woman and her dying mother. “We wanted to create a film with a strong visual sensibility that inspired a visceral response and played on expectation of the horror genre,” begins director of photography, … Read more

Transvideo to launch new StarliteRF wireless monitor

Thanks to the worldwide success of the StarliteHD-5 ARRI monitor which interfaces to and controls the ARRI Alexa-Mini and AMIRA cameras, Transvideo now launches the StarliteRF-a, a wireless monitor-recorder with advanced camera control capabilities. The StarliteRF-a is a variation of Transvideo’s 5” Oled wireless monitor-recorder with advanced features for remote control of ARRI’s Alexa-Mini and … Read more

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