Working with 2D assets

Exploring new realms For teams shooting virtual production with 2D assets, cinematographer, Cathy Ye gives a cursory examination of her experience shooting Osoro at Ramaz Studios in London. What is the project? Osoro is a magical realism, proof of concept short film exploring love, loss, and the pursuit of second chances, directed by Sheila Nortley, … Read more

Virtual veteran

Working in the virtual realm is nothing new for DNEG’s Paul Franklin but crafting his short film Fireworks in an LED volume presented boundless opportunity for getting creative. Virtual production is something that has been developing for a long time within the world of digital visual effects. VFX artists have worked inside fully virtual environments … Read more

Train to gain in the virtual world

Cinematographer Maria Guerberof shares her first experiences of shooting on an LED volume and the skills she learnt while on the National Film and Television School’s Virtual Production Certificate course. The future of moviemaking is already here. The advances in technologies are re-shaping our traditional ways of working on set. I joined the Virtual Production … Read more

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