HELPING HAND Created by Sony to address the demand for a smaller camera without sacrificing quality, the Rialto Extension System has revolutionised large-format digital filmmaking.  The unique design of the Sony VENICE, introduced in 2017, revolutionised high-end digital motion picture photography. It’s been used as the main camera on everything from Avatar: The Way of … Read more

Gear Guide

PERFECT MATCH The ultimate accessories for the new Burano: take your pick from Sony’s range of lenses and audio solutions.  SONY LENSES   Ideal for your documentary shooting with Burano.   SELP28135G – 28-135mm Power Zoom Full Frame   A powered zoom that delivers the precision and quality that top formats demand, with minimum breathing and image shift. … Read more


CRYSTAL CLEAR Sony adds the VERONA to its Crystal LED range of displays, offering deep blacks, low reflectance, and modular flexibility for volume shooting.  First announced in January 2021, Sony’s Crystal range of LED displays has been aimed at various large-scale display applications including live events. Now the corporation has announced VERONA, an evolution of … Read more


SINGLE OPERATORS SOAR WITH SONY BURANO Sony has announced a new digital cinema camera, the BURANO. With an 8.6K full-frame sensor, internal 16-bit X-OCN LT recording and both PL and E-mount support, the BURANO is aimed at small crews and single operators.  At a Pinewood Studios rendered eerily quiet by the strikes, British Cinematographer joined … Read more