Society of Camera Operators announce nominees for Camera Operator of the Year

Jan 19, 2024

The Society of Camera Operators announces the nominees for Camera Operator of the Year in the Film and Television categories.

Voting members will receive an email with online voting instructions and links on January 18th, 2023. Voting period will be open from January 18th through February 18th, 2024 at midnight PT.

At the February 24, 2024, Awards Show hosted at the Directors Guild of America, the Camera Operator of the Year Recipients will be announced live.

Matthew Moriarty, SOC President & Awards Chair said: “We’re excited to celebrate the extraordinary work of these camera operators. No matter what happened in 2023, the show goes on and excellence must be honored.”

Camera Operator of the Year – Film Nominees:

Mick Froehlich, SOC, Leave the World Behind
Geoffrey Haley, SOC, Chevalier
Ari Issler, Boston Strangler, with Nick Müller, “B” Camera / Steadicam Operator
Andrew ‘AJ’ Johnson, SOC, Carmen
Juanjo Sánchez, SOC, Society of the Snow, with Manuel Branáa, Operator de Cámara B

Camera Operator of the Year – Television Nominees:

Dominic Bartolone, SOC, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, S2E6 “Beat L.A.”, with Jessica Cannon, “B” Camera Operator, Justin Cameron, SOC, “C” Camera Operator, and John Lyke, Rollerblade Camera Operator
Neal Bryant, SOC, The Last of Us, S1E3 “Long, Long Time”, with Carey Toner, Camera
Don Devine, SOC, Barry S4E2 “Bestest Place on Earth”, with Neal Bryant, SOC, “B” Camera / Steadicam Operator
Mitch Dubin, SOC, Fargo S5E1 “The Tragedy of the Commons”, with Francois Archambault, SOC, “B” Camera Operator
Gary Malouf, The Bear S2E10 “The Bear”, with Chris Dame, “B” Camera Operator

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