Nikon launch new documentary in partnership with WaterBear

Mar 8, 2023

Nikon has launched its new documentary, The Missing Lynx, in partnership with free environmental streaming platform WaterBear, launching on 10 March. The documentary comes as Nikon and WaterBear solidify their efforts to deliver impact through a new NGO storytelling initiative.

The Missing Lynx follows Nikon Creators, George Turner and Lara Jackson, as they travel to Switzerland to meet Kora, a conservation NGO helping to bring the Eurasian Lynx back from 200 years of extinction in Europe. The film delves into Kora’s role in supporting Switzerland’s lynx reintroduction programme, which has seen the population grow to over 250, making it one of European conservation’s biggest success stories to date.

With funding for NGOs falling year on year, visual storytelling is consistently considered one of the most effective ways for charities to cut through the noise and reach a greater pool of donors. This is why alongside the new documentary, Nikon will also launch the second episode of a new ‘Lens on the Ground’ initiative, in partnership with WaterBear, to empower 12 NGOs to ignite action through film.

Through the initiative, NGOs including Black Jaguar Foundation and Commonland, will be given the tools to harness the power of film to connect with new audiences. This includes cameras, one-to-one filmography training from Nikon, and access to experts at WaterBear to provide storytelling support and advice.

“From my many years in the field, I’ve learned that photographs can have more impact than anything published in a scientific journal,” said Lara Jackson. “By leveraging the capacity of film to move audiences, The Missing Lynx aims to foster a deeper level of activism and spark real change.”

“We are delighted to have collaborated once again with WaterBear, alongside Nikon Creators Lara Jackson and George Turner and the NGO, Kora, to create this engaging, insightful and thought-provoking piece,” added Nikon Europe’s Stefan Maier. “Photography and filmmaking is used to document the world around us. Through this medium photographers and filmmakers have the power to change the world entirely. This story has an emotive and positive narrative at its core. We hope that its impact will contribute to the future of lynx across Europe.”

“I am so excited for the launch of The Missing Lynx, as well as the launch of our wider ‘Lens on the Ground’ initiative,” commented Sam Sutaria, WaterBear’s CEO. “Data and statistics are no longer enough to hold people’s attention. Story-telling is vital to engagement and securing funding. That’s why we’re delighted to work with Nikon on this initiative, to help NGOs harness the power of storytelling to change minds and hearts.”

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