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National Youth Film Awards nominees

Nov 4, 2021

National Youth Film have announced their 2021 nominees.

Winners are selected by a panel of judges with international recognition. Receiving a National Youth Film Award is an acknowledgement of outstanding young film talent and the awards will celebrate the work of the best young filmmakers and actors aged 16 – 29 across the UK.

NYFA Award for Best Actor

Alexandra Finnie – The Daily Lyre

Charlie Heptinstall – Forgotten

Georgie Muya – The Mean Spirited

Rosie Skuse – Intrusion

Amber Doig-Thorne – Marmalade Droppers

Christopher Mulvin – The Mean Spirited

Louise Brooks – The Immunda Experiment

Charley Davies – In-Sight

Gabrielle Fernandez – Forgotten

Rachel Woodward-Carlton – Program

NYFA Award for Best Cinematographer

Adam Dokhan – Last Rites

Dominic Howlett – Intrusion

Patrick Cartwright – Foolsproof

Benjamin Atkinson – In-Sight

Jacob Peel – Marmalade Droppers

Sador Zerie – Program

Bradley James – Forgotten

Jameson White – The Immunda Experiment

NYFA Award for Best Director

Arjun Pala – Foolsproof

Jack Archer – The Mean Spirited

Matt Chandler – The Immunda Experiment

Bradley James – Forgotten

Joseph Archer – The Mean Spirited

Sophie Sandor – Intrusion

Fraser Hinch – Program

Lucy MacArthur – Novice

Tom Clover – Showtime

NYFA Award for Best Editor

Bradley James – Forgotten

Joseph Archer – The Mean Spirited

Robert Loud – Foolsproof

Daisy Ashby-Hawkins – The Daily Lyre

Owen Ruthven – The Immunda Experiment

Robert Loud – In-Sight

Emi Burrows – Best Self

Ricardo Battaglia – Novice

NYFA Award for Best Producer

Andres Ortis Pinilla – Cockpit

Brooke Ward – Marmalade Droppers

Sarah Maguire – Novice

Bailey Fear – The Mean Spirited

Kimberly Glasgow – Foolsproof

Tommy-Joe Brown – The Daily Lyre

Beth Tyler – Forgotten

Louie Evans-Kelly – The Immunda Experiment

NYFA Award for Best Screenplay

Bethany Darcey – In-Sight

Cathy Wippell – Foolsproof

Flo Husson – The Immunda Experiment

Lauren Hogg – Program

Bradley James – Forgotten

Charlotte Christie – Program

Jack Archer – The Mean Spirited

Lilly Besser – Showtime

Brooke Ward – Marmalade Droppers

Conor Dye – Forgotten

Katrina Rose – Showtime

Ollie Callon-Hine – Marmalade Droppers

NYFA Awards for Best Outstanding Contribution

Beth Tyler

Dean Smith

Louie Evans-Kelly

Ryan John

Charlotte Fenton

Joseph Archer

Luke Flynn

Zak Russel-Jones

Christopher Buckenham

Katie Penn

Rich Toulmin

Zayn Ayub

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