As VP techniques and technology continue to progress at an incredible pace there’s plenty to explore in Focus On: Virtual Production II from British Cinematographer.

Learn the fine points of cinematography with Filmmakers Academy and Justin Jones

Mar 23, 2023

Filmmakers Academy’s newest mentor leads the latest masterclass, Abstract Lighting & In-Camera Effects along with the popular Cinematography Essentials series. Showcasing behind-the-scenes photos and videos, Justin explores camera and lens choices, lighting setups, locations and more in this series.

The latest episode dropped on March 17. View an excerpt from Justin’s masterclass here.

Mentor Jordan Brady also leads a new Commercial Directing On-Set Shadowing premium course for members this month.

Finding the Frame with Oscar Nominees Mandy Walker ASC, ACS and Camille Friend – Have you been following this highly informative series of interviews with top-level filmmakers? One of the newest ones is this interview with Filmmakers Academy host Brendan Sweeney, who sits down with cinematographer and Oscar nominee Mandy Walker ASC, ACS to discuss her work on Elvis,  her barrier-breaking career journey, advice for filmmakers, her thoughts on the future of filmmaking and more.

Then, click over to this FA blog feature to catch the highlights of Sweeney’s interview with Camille Friend, the Oscar-nominated hair department head, known for her work on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Galaxy Quest and more. A clip from this interview is available on the FA YouTube channel, and FA members can view the full-length interviews on the Filmmakers Academy website and app.

So You Think You Are Indestructible?

FA CEO and wellness coach Lydia Hurlbut offers strategies, practices and life-enhancing tips for filmmakers who want to stay healthy on-set and off. This presentation (originally recorded in February) will post on the Los Angeles Post Production Group’s YouTube channel soon.

Coming soon: Filmmakers Academy Inner Circle Podcast

FA is currently booking conversations with luminaries, including Ed Lachman ASC, who open up about their careers, their favorite tools and personal inventions — and how to navigate the world of making visual media. Shane Hurlbut ASC and FA CEO Lydia Hurlbut are the hosts. Stay tuned next month for more information about the podcast launch.

Members of Filmmakers Academy enjoy special meetups and a private Facebook community where they can share opportunities and successes with their peers. Members can also view full Finding the Frame interviews, access Master Classes and sign up for one-on-one coaching with FA mentors.

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