GhostFrame and Sony deploy multi-feed 4K native live camera system

Apr 13, 2023

AGS has announced that the new 4x UHD capability of Sony HDC-5500 is fully certified for use with the virtual production toolkit GhostFrame. Users of Sony cameras will be the first to experience the full potential of GhostFrame to simultaneously capture four independent 4K UHD images on camera while the human eye sees only one. The worldwide launch of the technology is being unveiled at NAB 2023, 15-19 April, in Las Vegas. 

Up until now, the Sony HDC-5500 and HDC-F5500 cameras have been able to view two phases of UHD output simultaneously. Sony’s upgraded HDC-5500 can now uniquely view four video channels live from the camera in native UHD quality directly via 12G-SDI when connected to GhostFrame. 

Combining hidden chroma key compositing, hidden tracking, and multiple source video feeds into a single production frame, AGS’s patented technology allows GhostFrame to deliver a more efficient workflow for a virtual production or XR studio. The camera-agnostic solution unlocks creativity without the need for additional hardware or losing processing and pixel capacity, all in a zero-latency environment. 

Peter Angell at GhostFrame commented: “We have been working closely with Sony for many years to ensure that its sensor technology is fully compatible with our patented processes at GhostFrame, and this latest pioneering development is an extension of that collaboration. Now, film, TV, and live event producers with cutting-edge virtual production and XR projects can view up to four realities of GhostFrame in pristine UHD quality in combination with Sony’s flagship live production camera.” 

Norbert Paquet at Sony said: “The HDC-5500 system camera was already bringing new levels of image quality, portability, and creative flexibility to live production environments; now we have gone even further. Customers can enjoy unprecedented flexibility in the production of their live and recorded output at premium 4K/HD/HDR picture quality while maintaining full compatibility with today’s workflows and system hardware.” 

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