Credit to the crew on Another Mother’s Son

Feb 12, 2016

DP Sam Care visited Bath recently during the shoot of WWII drama Another Mother’s Son, directed by Christopher Menaul. Based on the true story of Louisa Gould, who took in an escaped Russian POW and hid him over the war’s course, the drama is set on the Nazi-occupied island of Jersey, although the production shot at West Country locations. The production shot using Alexa XT with Cooke S2 lenses and Cooke zooms, using nets to soften the image.

Here’s a picture of the crew (l-r), who endured a protracted shoot in inclement weather: A-cam trainee Olly Hallam, A-cam focus puller David Agha-Rafai, A-cam loader Seb Marczewski, A-cam operator Marc Covington, DP Sam Care, B-cam focus puller Matt Waving, B-cam trainee Tom Fears, B-cam loader Evelina Engberg Norgren, grip Dan Rees, assistant grip Amos Bowler, and genny op Matt Grace.

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