Capture One unveils ‘Capture One LIVE’

Feb 2, 2022

Capture One releases Capture One Live, the first step in achieving a powerful end to end photography and collaboration platform – in real-time or post-shoot – with clients and team members who can then view, rate, and tag images directly on any browser, on any device, anywhere in the world. Enabling easy, fast, and safe collaboration.

Philip Edsel, photographer, creative director, Capture One ambassador said: “On nearly every shoot these days, I’m streaming my screen with a team of remote clients from the brand or agency. It’s opened up incredible remote work opportunities while keeping the production size down. The problem is that these streaming softwares can generally be clunky to run alongside my workflow. Capture One Live is an amazing new tool that will allow me to collaborate with a remote team seamlessly inside of the program, which is so epic. Really excited to use it, and it’s just another value-add to an essential part of my photoshoot workflow.”

Capture One development is rooted in providing solutions to current challenges and those of tomorrow, and we are relentless about bringing speed to our characteristically uncompromising image quality. Being customer obsessed, Capture One Live has been developed iteratively and in close collaboration with users since it was first released in beta last July.

Having seen local and internationally distributed creative teams become the norm, remote collaboration with Capture One Live remedies distance limitations of any scale. This provides more flexibility for schedules and team members, reduces commuting time and travel costs, yields greater accessibility and efficiency, and allows creative teams to maintain the same or greater levels of productivity as enjoyed in-person. Capture One Live brings everyone into the photoshoot, wherever they are, instantly. Creative teams will be the fastest, ever, from shoot to ready-to-share image.

John Rains, Backstory (Austin, TX Production Company) said: “Nowadays we’ve all become used to remote productions thanks to the COVID pandemic, but the need for remote viewing and reviews has existed since well before. When the budgets are tight, a client can’t travel or a creative director has schedule conflicts, the ability to easily give feedback on a production remotely is a game changer.”

Designed with workflow in mind, Capture One Live is simple to use and secure. Available in both Catalogues and Sessions, it integrates seamlessly with the Capture One workspace and can be found as an icon in the Toolbar. Simply click the icon, select the desired collection to share, set a password if you wish, click ‘Start Sharing’ to activate the Live Session for seven days, and a URL to share with your collaborator(s) is generated instantly.

That link opens up an interactive browser view of the collection with file names, colour tags and/ or star ratings, and the ability to view each image at full scale. Images can be added or removed at any time, and while Capture One does not need to remain open for changes to take place, if the Catalog or Session is still open, the adjustments are reflected in real time. Additionally, the ‘Follow’ option will follow live captures if shooting tethered, or follow any edits made in Capture One in real-time. With no limitation on the number of active Live Sessions or files shared in a session, plus the ability to have 25 collaborators simultaneously, Capture One Live scales to the size of your team and needs, and is being introduced at 9.99 USD per month.

Rafael Orta, CEO, Capture One said: “We are inspired by our global community of photographers, witnessing how they connect and collaborate between themselves and with other creative and production disciplines, across geographies and time zones. We marvel at their collective pursuit of the perfect angle, the most impactful colors and getting to the end result in the fastest way possible.

“Collaboration is oxygen to the creative process, and we are so proud and so excited about all the ways Capture One Live is going to bring all participants together, making the photoshoot participative and collaborative, wherever you are.”

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