BFI announces highlights for audiences coming in 2022

Dec 20, 2021
BFI Riverfront, courtesy of BFI + Luke Hayes

BFI announced their upcoming highlights for audiences across the UK in 2022.

With new creative leadership next year from new executive director of public programmes & audiences Jason Wood and new executive director of knowledge & collections Arike Oke, 2022 will be an exciting year for the organisation. Working closely with their teams of film experts, programmers, historians, archivists and curators – and with Neil Williams our new Executive Director of Technology and Digital Transformation – Jason and Arike will play a major role in our ambition to transform public access to our programmes across the UK through our digital platforms, venues and partnerships.

The BFI’s 2022 programme includes:

  • New releases, classic titles, curated collections and free archive material on BFI Player including François Truffaut, New French Extremity and Anime
  • Film and TV seasons at BFI Southbank including Judy Garland, Mike Hodges, Pam Grier and Reggae
  • Hybrid in-person and online Festivals: BFI Future Film Festival (17-20 February), BFI Flare: London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival (16-27 March), BFI & Radio Times Television Festival (May dates TBC) and the BFI London Film Festival (Dates TBC)
  • BFI Distribution UK-wide theatrical releases of new features LA MIF and ALL MY FRIENDS HATE ME
  • BFI Blu-ray releases including THE PROPOSITION (also on UHD) and INGMAR BERGMAN VOLUMES 3 & 4
  • Sight and Sound’s once-a-decade poll to find the Greatest Film of All Time, which will also coincide with the magazine’s 90th birthday
  • BFI National Archive remasters of SOUTH (in 2K) and THE DRAUGHTSMAN’S CONTRACT (in 4K), a new free collection of archival films to mark the Platinum Jubilee and the tenth anniversary of the BFI Master Film Store
  • Building on the success of LFF Expanded, a year-round BFI Expanded strand dedicated to Immersive Art and Extended Realities (XR) at BFI Southbank, including the World Premiere of UNIQUE, from world-renowned artist Tupac Martir in February
  • UK-wide projects presented with partners including HORROR (with the BFI Film Audience Network), AUSTRALIA (with the British Council) and the centenary of the BBC
  • UK-wide releases of films produced with the support of the BFI Film Fund, awarding funds from the National Lottery, including THE PHANTOM OF THE OPENALI & AVA and THE SOUVENIR PART II
  • STORYTRAILS, a unique immersive storytelling experience, part of UNBOXED: CREATIVITY IN THE UK

 BFI chief executive Ben Roberts said: “We’re excited by what we’ve learned in the last two years – about reaching audiences in new and creative ways; what draws a crowd at BFI Southbank and BFI IMAX; how we connect with audiences in venues around the country; and the possibilities of BFI Player. We can’t wait for Jason, Arike and Neil to bring their shared passion for bringing a rich and diverse programme to audiences across the UK.”


  • FRANÇOIS TRUFFAUT (BFI Distribution/BFI Player/BFI Southbank/UK-wide – Jan/Feb) – includes BFI Distribution re-releases of THE 400 BLOWS and JULES ET JIM in cinemas and BFI Blu-ray releases in late spring
  • DAVID BOWIE (BFI Player/BFI Southbank – Jan)
  • TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH: EXPLORATION AND ENDURANCE ON FILM (BFI Distribution/BFI Southbank/UK-wide/BFI Blu-ray – Jan/Feb) – includes BFI Distribution re-release of the BFI National Archive 2K remaster of SOUTH
  • New films produced with the support of the BFI Film Fund, awarding funds from the National Lottery, in cinemas UK-wide including: THE SOUVENIR PART II (Joanna Hogg, 2021) on 4 Feb, THE REAL CHARLIE CHAPLIN (Peter Middleton, James Spinney, 2021) on 18 Feb, ALI & AVA (Clio Barnard, 2021) on 4 March, TRUE THINGS (Harry Wootliff, 2021) on 11 March, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPEN (Craig Roberts, 2021) on 15 April and THE FEAST (Lee Haven Jones, 2021) on 29 April
  • BFI FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL (BFI Player/BFI Southbank/Hybrid online events – 17-20 Feb)
  • LA MIF (Fred Baillif, 2021) – BFI Distribution release in cinemas UK-wide (25 Feb)
  • BFI EXPANDED World Premiere of UNIQUE (BFI Southbank – 25 Feb) – new XR work from world-renowned artist Tupac Martir
  • ASTA NIELSEN (BFI Southbank – Feb/Mar)
  • THE CAMERA IS OURS (BFI Player/BFI Southbank/BFI DVD – Mar) – a celebration of British women documentary filmmakers, featuring landmark films preserved and digitally restored by the BFI National Archive
  • BFI FLARE: LONDON LGBTQIA+ FILM FESTIVAL (BFI Player/BFI Southbank/UK-wide – 16-27 March)
  • LIV ULLMANN (BFI Distribution/BFI Player/BFI Southbank – Apr) – includes a BFI Distribution 50th anniversary re-release of CRIES AND WHISPERS and a BFI Blu-ray release of FAITHLESS
  • ANIME (BFI Player/BFI Southbank – Apr/May)
  • NIGEL KNEALE (BFI Player/BFI Southbank/BFI Blu-ray and DVD – Apr) – includes a BFI Blu-ray/DVD release of 1984


  • ALL MY FRIENDS HATE ME (Andrew Gaynord, 2021) – BFI Distribution release in cinemas UK-wide (late spring, date TBC)
  • NEW FRENCH EXTREMITY (BFI Player/BFI Southbank – May) and, in partnership with Picturehouse Entertainment, a sidebar season dedicated to GASPER NOÉ (BFI Southbank – May)
  • JUDY GARLAND (BFI Southbank – May)
  • MIKE HODGES (BFI Southbank – May)
  • PLATINUM JUBILEE (BFI Player – Jun) – a new free collection of archival films to mark the Platinum Jubilee drawn from the BFI National Archive and regional and national archives across the UK
  • STORYTRAILS, a unique immersive storytelling experience, part of UNBOXED: CREATIVITY IN THE UK, a UK-wide celebration of creativity (UK-wide – launching in July)
  • IN THE BLACK FANTASTIC (BFI Southbank – Jul)
  • GLENDA JACKSON (BFI Southbank – Jul)
  • SATYAJIT RAY (BFI Distribution/BFI Southbank – July/Aug)
  • INGMAR BERGMAN: VOLUME 3 (1960-1969) (BFI Blu-ray boxset – Aug)
  • REGGAE (BFI Southbank – Aug)
  • S.O.U.L. FEST (BFI Player/BFI Southbank – date TBC)


  • SIGHT AND SOUND’S GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME POLL – poll results announced in autumn, accompanied by BFI Player and BFI Southbank seasons – exact dates to be announced
  • AUSTRALIA (BFI Player/BFI Southbank – Sep/Oct) programmed in partnership with ACMI as part of the British Council’s UK/Australia Year of Culture
  • BBC 100 (BFI Southbank – Oct/Nov)
  • 40 YEARS OF CHANNEL 4 (BFI Southbank – Sep/Oct)
  • PAM GRIER (BFI Southbank – Sep/Oct) – in partnership with Picturehouse Cinemas
  • ABBAS KIAROSTAMI (BFI Southbank – Sep/Oct)
  • BFI LONDON FILM FESTIVAL (Venues across London and the UK/BFI Player – dates in October to be announced)
  • HORROR (BFI Player/BFI Southbank/UK-wide – Oct/Nov/Dec) – major 3 month blockbuster season online and at cinemas across the UK
  • PETER GREENAWAY (BFI Distribution/BFI Player/BFI Southbank/BFI Blu-ray/UK-wide – Oct/Nov) – includes a 40th Anniversary BFI Distribution re-release of the BFI National Archive 4K remaster of THE DRAUGHTSMAN’S CONTRACT in cinemas UK-wide and on BFI Blu-ray
  • BLACK HISTORY MONTH (BFI Player/BFI Southbank/BFI Blu-ray – Oct)
  • INGMAR BERGMAN: VOLUME 4 (1972-1984) (BFI Blu-ray boxset – Nov)

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