Ackroyd and Khairat honoured by Angénieux at Cannes 2023

May 30, 2023
Barry Ackroyd BSC with his award (Credit: Pauline Maillet)

On 26 May 2023, on the last evening before the closing ceremony of the 76th Cannes Film Festival, lens specialist Angénieux celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Pierre Angénieux Tribute by dedicating it to British cinematographer Barry Ackroyd BSC.

Angénieux also wanted to highlight the work of a young cinematographer during this ceremony, for the fifth year since 2018. This year, the Egyptian DP Haya Khairat and her work were highlighted.

Throughout this ceremony, an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival, presented by French journalist Charlotte Lipinska, Barry Ackroyd, who also gave a masterclass on May 25, was accompanied by his close friends, including Christopher Ross BSC (president of the British Society of Cinematographers).

The honorary godmother of this exceptional evening was the actress Clotilde Courau, Princess of Savoy, Princess of Venice and Piedmont. Emmanuel Sprauel, president of the Angénieux brand, presented this year’s Angénieux trophy, a specially designed Optimo 37-102 engraved with Barry Ackroyd’s name.

“The topic that brings us together is simple: the moving pictures change life, life changes with the moving image. It is particularly perceptible and clear with Barry Ackroyd who is engaging us in a personal and unique manner through a true journey from real life to reality (and from the reality to real life),” said Emmanuel Sprauel.

Haya Khairat, winner of the Angénieux Special Encouragement award (Credit: Pauline Maillet)

“Having in mind [a] desire to pass on Pierre Angénieux’s values to the younger generation, I created the Special Angénieux Encouragement 5 years ago which highlights the promising work of a young talent. We have many young talents around the world, so after China, India, Mexico and Holland, our hearts took us to another great nation of cinema, Egypt with Haya Khairat,” commented Séverine Serrano.

Haya Khairat received the Angénieux Special Encouragement – a special endowment offering her the possibility of using the best of Angénieux technology for the images of her forthcoming projects. Khairat received her endowment from the hands of Séverine Serrano, managing director, Angénieux International Sales, and from the Egyptian actress Amina Khalil, a big star in her country and the whole Arab world.

“As an actress, I am exposed to so many inspirational hard working people that work in this industry who don’t get the celebration or enough praise for their effort, passion and the dedication that they put into their work. So thank you for taking the moment to share light on the ones behind the lenses tonight,” said Khalil.

Khairat said: “Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be here today, paving the way for an Arab cinematographer and filmmaker to stand right there in the middle of a very male dominated career, letting me pave the way to many other women too. Thank you Angénieux, thank you all and I wish to see you next year with a film of mine!”

(Credit: Pauline Maillet)

The ceremony concluded with a particularly moving moment with the screening of video testimonials from personalities who crossed paths with Barry Ackroyd and who wished to congratulate their friend: the director Paul Greengrass and director Kathryn Bigelow, but also directors Park Chan-wook, Stephen Poliakoff, Jay Roach, Stuart Townsend, and actor John Lithgow. The video concluded with Ken Loach: a strong bond has united the path of the British director with Barry Ackroyd. They have worked together on twelve different films, from Riff-Raff to The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Palme d’Or winner in 2006. While his film The Old Oak was screened as part of the Official Competition at the Lumière Theatre, the British director insisted on paying tribute to his friend Barry Ackroyd from the screen in the Buñuel hall of the Festival.

“It’s been overwhelming!” said Ackroyd on winning. “To be amongst the cinematographers that were previously highlighted who are geniuses, to be part of that, it feels incredible. Also, I’m genuinely a fan of Angénieux: it’s the lens that I put on my camera all the time.”

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