Woody Allen goes digital with Sony F65

Jan 27, 2016

Sony has confirmed that filmmaker Woody Allen has chosen Sony CineAlta F65 for his first-ever digital shoot, to be lensed by Vittorio Storaro AIC ASC. The currently untitled production will be mastered in 4K.

Storaro, the three-time Academy Award winning cinematographer for Apocalypse Now, Reds and The Last Emperor, has dedicated his professional work to digital technologies. He first began testing with Sony in 1983. On his decision to use the F65, Storaro said, “I had seen that the Sony F65 was capable of recording beautiful images in 4K and 16 bit-colour depth in 1:2, which is my favourite composition. So when Woody called me this year asking me to be the cinematographer of his new film with the working title Wasp 2015, my decision was already made. I convinced him to record the film in digital, so we can begin our journey together in the digital world.”

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