The seamlessly mysterious VFX of The Third Day

Psychological thriller The Third Day is a six-part visceral drama and a theatrical event, set on the mysterious British island, Osea, a captivating and distortive world where all is not as it seems. The first three episodes, Summer, written by Dennis Kelly and directed by Marc Munden, see Sam (Jude Law), drawn to a mysterious … Read more

Polishing up perfection: creating The Crown season three

Many TV viewers may be forgiven for not associating a historical drama with large-scale visual effects. There are no hordes of CG creatures amidst genteel Victorian society; nor are there other-worldly oddities in the sprawling stately homes that serve as the set pieces on these same dramas. Yet The Crown, produced by Left Bank Studios … Read more

Framestore breathes life into The Secret Garden

The creative studio at Framestore joined the team as the VFX partner for the film in its entirety, supporting the shoot through to post-production. Working closely with director Marc Munden (Utopia, Electric Dreams), the brief included using subtle VFX to breathe life into the garden, crafting a full-CG robin and building complex real-world environments. Framestore … Read more