Light Iron’s Sam Daley on colour grading Succession

Light Iron’s senior colourist Sam Daley offers insights into the grading process for the HBO series Succession. The third season of the hit HBO series Succession recently premiered, rewarding fans’ anticipation and continuing to chart the internecine conflicts of the Roy family as they scramble for control of their patriarch’s media empire. Behind the scenes, cinematographers Patrick Capone … Read more

Colin Tilley to receive Camerimage Award for his music videos

Black and white frames of a seemingly peaceful city are cut through by shouting, an ordinary housing estate, children playing in the street, skyscrapers, graffiti on the walls, smoke hovering over the road and visible tyre tracks. Everything looks like an ordinary day in an American city, but the feeling of unease is in the … Read more

Take a sneak peek inside the September 2021 issue of British Cinematographer

We’re delighted to announce that the September 2021 issue of British Cinematographer is now here! You can find out more about the incredible interviews and articles you can expect to find inside our 107th edition now by reading on… BEN RICHARDSON ASC ON MARE OF EASTTOWN In this month’s cover story special, Ben Richardson ASC shares fascinating insight into his … Read more

WWFC selects 8 fellows for inaugural pilot accelerator

Women’s Weekend Film Challenge (WWFC) has announced the eight fellows chosen for its inaugural pilot accelerator. These eight emerging writers were selected out of 723 applicants. This October, the fellows will have the opportunity to pitch to studios, production companies and executive producers including HBO, HBO Max, Warner Horizon Television, Comedy Central, Jax Media, Berlanti Productions, … Read more

Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC / The Nevers

WORLD-CHANGING POWERS When Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC was approached to lens the first two episodes of HBO fantasy series The Nevers, it was a no-brainer to collaborate once again with filmmaker Joss Whedon on the timely production. Dealing with superhumans is familiar territory for Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC (Atonement) and filmmaker Joss Whedon (Serenity) as they previously collaborated on The Avengers. The … Read more

Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden launches virtual production stage

Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden (WBSL) has announced the launch of three new sound stages, providing 83,000 sq. ft. of additional production space at the UK facility and featuring the debut of V Stage, a cutting-edge virtual production stage. House of the Dragon, HBO’s much-anticipated prequel to its acclaimed Game of Thrones series, is confirmed as … Read more

WWFC launches pilot accelerator for writers to pitch women-centric content to HBO and more

Applications are now open for a new accelerator to launch the careers of women in television. This October, six to eight emerging TV writers — selected out of hundreds of expected applicants — will have the opportunity to pitch to studios and production companies including HBO, HBO Max, Warner Horizon Television, Jax Media, Berlanti Productions, … Read more

Exploring the making of Search Party with DP Jonathan Furmanski

Mark London Williams catches up with DP Jonathan Furmanski to discuss his work on the ever-evolving series and how his documentary experience informs his narrative productions. “Search Party,” its director of photography, Jonathan Furmanski asserts, “is a small show, and moves at a very quick pace.” Though in terms of visibility, it’s definitely getting bigger. … Read more

The seamlessly mysterious VFX of The Third Day

Psychological thriller The Third Day is a six-part visceral drama and a theatrical event, set on the mysterious British island, Osea, a captivating and distortive world where all is not as it seems. The first three episodes, Summer, written by Dennis Kelly and directed by Marc Munden, see Sam (Jude Law), drawn to a mysterious … Read more

Eben Bolter BSC / Avenue 5

Satire In Space Eben Bolter BSC / Avenue 5 Satire In Space Eben Bolter BSC / Avenue 5 BY: Michael Burns With a spaceship-sized set, comic timing, a thousand-strong cast, integrated lighting, and a devastating fire, British cinematographer Eben Bolter BSC and the crew of Avenue 5 steered Armando Iannucci’s sci-fi epic to the screen. … Read more

Jakob Ihre FSF / Chernobyl

Melt Down Jakob Ihre FSF / Chernobyl Melt Down Jakob Ihre FSF / Chernobyl BY: Valentina Valentini Chernobyl is HBO’s haunting five-part miniseries that follows detailed accounts of those who tried to mitigate the disaster in the aftermath of the 1986 nuclear power plant explosion in the Soviet Union. The critically-acclaimed show about the doomed … Read more

Paul Cameron ASC / Westworld

Robot wars Paul Cameron ASC / Westworld Robot wars Paul Cameron ASC / Westworld BY: Trevor Hogg Back in 1973, an adult-oriented theme park became the fearsome battleground between android hosts and human guests in the sci-fi thriller Westworld. Now that directorial debut of Michael Crichton, who also wrote the original screenplay, has had a … Read more