Bluebolt provides VFX for Netflix’s The Irregulars

BlueBolt revealed their involvement for the new Drama Republic supernatural crime series, The Irregulars, streaming on Netflix. Starring Thaddea Graham and Darci Shaw, The Irregulars is an eight episode drama series set in Victorian London following a gang of delinquent teens who are manipulated into solving crimes for Doctor Watson and Sherlock Holmes.   The BlueBolt … Read more

BlueBolt promotes Tracy McCreary to managing director

BlueBolt has announced the internal promotion of Tracy McCreary from executive producer to managing director.  Joining co-founders Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor (CEO) and Angela Barson (creative director), McCreary will be involved in helping to push the company forward in its growth and scope of work. McCreary joined the BlueBolt team in 2015 after a substantial career working … Read more

BlueBolt’s majestic VFX for The Great

BlueBolt was lead VFX studio for The Great, the satirical, hour long, comedic drama. Broadcast on Channel 4, The Great follows the unlikely rise and spectacular reign of feminist trailblazer Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning),the longest reigning female ruler in Russian history. Created by The Favourite co-writer, Tony McNamara and produced by MRC Television for … Read more

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