Enter the BSC Short Film Cinematography Competition 2022

Jul 22, 2022

The student winner will receive a camera package based on Alexa Mini and Signature Prime lenses.

The BSC Club winner will receive a camera package based on Alexa 35 or Alexa Mini LF and Signature Prime &  Zoom lenses.

BSC Student Short Film Cinematography Award

All Student and Graduates (up to 18 months after graduating) from UK Institutions are eligible and do not need to be BSC Club Members.

BSC Short Film Cinematography Award

Only shorts photographed by BSC Club Members are eligible to be entered for this award.

Entries from drama, documentaries and Stop-Motion animation projects are all welcome.

  • Submission is free
  • Films to be a maximum of 20 minutes
  • A shortened ‘cinematographers cut’ may be submitted provided it retains enough of the ‘essence’ of the film.
  • Films to have been produced within the past 18 months of the closing date.

Entry form

The deadline is August 7th.

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