BLUESHAPE introduces the zero CO2 emissions power generator

May 18, 2022

BLUESHAPE, located in Italy with manufacturing in Malta (EU), announces the release of the GO7 (NCPG07E) battery-powered AC generator.

Powered by four powerful 300W lithium-ion batteries, the generator provides 700W (up to 800W of peak) of near-silent AC power at 240V via a pure sine wave inverter that conditions the power for even the most sensitive devices. Details can be found here

BLUESHAPE manager Enrico Ferretti stated; “This is the next step in providing safe, quiet power to meet the needs of today’s creatives. The GO7 provides power where it is needed when it is needed, without the restrictions of noise and the danger from carbon monoxide fumes and the effects of CO2 emissions.”

From BLUESHAPE director Pietro Vignali; “The GO7 can serve as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) while outputting a conditioned power signal through the pure sine wave inverter. This not only powers the equipment but also protects the equipment, allowing more of the production to be accomplished in the field.”

The NCPG07E is now entering production and will be available beginning on June 15, 2022, through the BLUESHAPE reseller network. Specific dealers may be found on the website of BLUESHAPE’s US distributor, BOLD Distribution in the Nashville metro area –

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